A Very StarKid Romance

A story

Chapter 30

Brian and Jeff

by: magsisme
First I'd like to apologize for spelling Jeff's last name wrong in the last chapter... I feel like an idiot. Second, this is a chapter of texts. Here is the Key

7:34 p.m
Holden, where are you?
7:35 p.m
7:36 p.m
Holden, you can't ignore me forever. Now tell me where you are so we can talk about this.
If I text you do I have to tell you where I am?
7:37 p.m
Only if you're back at the theatre by 8.
Fine. What do you want to talk about?
7:38 p.m
Why did you freak out?
7:40 p.m
You hit my girlfriend!
It's a stage punch!
7:42 p.m
I'd never hit Maggie for real, Brian. You know that.
Brian the show stars in 20 minutes, just say what you have to say! Nick's gonna be p/i/ssed at me if I don't get you back in time!
7:43 p.m
Fine. Be an asshat. I don't care...

7:45 p.m
7:46 p.m
Where are you? Jeff left like ten minutes ago. We all thought that you'd be back by now.
7:47 p.m
I just don't like you getting hurt...
He didn't hit me Brian...
It looked too real for me.
7:48 p.m
If I assure you that he will never hit me throughout the course of tonight's show, will you come back?
I'd be more comfortable if you didn't play Candy and Poison Ivy
Well we have people lining up at the theatre right now and they really want to see the show.
7:50 p.m
We'll put you at an angle where you can see that the hit was fake. Nick just said that you could...
Can you assure that I can tell?
7:51 p.m
Yes. Now please come back. The show starts in 9 minutes.
I'm on my way.
7:52 p.m
I love you.
I love you too

7:53 p.m
Jeff you can come back. He's on his way.
What did you say to him?
7:54 p.m
Nothing much. Just reassurance.

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