Unfailing Love ~A Jacob Black Lovestory~

Unfailing Love ~A Jacob Black Lovestory~

How far would you go for love?.. How much would you sacrifice?.. Or if it was the in way of something you wanted more than anything, would you give it up?

New Jacob story check it out and tell me what you think.. Enjoy! =)

Chapter 1


Forks Washington, thats the town I was born and rasied in! But more specifically I live on a small indian reservation called La Push. Though the town may be small.. always rainy.. and cold.. there is a bright side, my two best friends Jacob Black and Bella Swan. I think our friendship goes back generations because just like us our fathers are also best friends too.

They met when they were younger or something, and my dad.. Nathan works with Charlie plus Jacob and Billy are our next door neighbors. For the most part they're all single parents except Charlie since Renee lives across the country but they're divorced. Billy's wife aka Jake's mom was sadly killed in a car accident. Then theres my mom who went missing while hiking with my dad and I when I was five. It's kind of like they've been using each other for support and coping over the years, so I can see why they are so close.

But anyways, on a higher note and in the present I am 16 and a sophmore at La Push High and my name is Payson Kaylee Scott (in the pic). Unlike Bella and Jacob I'm more outgoing and I love to sing and dance in some wierd way we balance each other out.

Today was the semi finals of tryouts for the cheerleading squad, and i've been dreaming of being on it since as long as I can remember. My mother Kaylee was the head cheerleader in highschool, so this is like the major reason why I'm doing this. I can't even imagine if she were here today how happy she'd be if I made the squad.

I don't think anyone understands that, well except Jacob.. Ever since I told him last year on the anniversary of the day my mother went missing that I always felt and still feel that it was somehow my fault. Maybe if I wasn't such a difficult child she wouldn't have ran away. Apparently I was so emotional that day I was spitting out secrets.

Anywhoo back to the present, I'm so nervous because I think I'm next. "Payson Scott" Chrissy called, the current head cheerleader btw. As I walked on the mat my eyes floated to the stands. Which consisted of parents, some students, and what I never thought to see in a million years Bella and Jacob. Of course they smiled and waved when I noticed them, but that just made my nerves go even crazier.. TBC...

I smiled back and continued forward. "So where is your music?" Chrissy asked impatiently holding her hand out for a cd or something.

"Actually I'm gonna sing it" I answered trying to sound as confident as possible.

She glanced at the girls in uniforms beside her "Okay..show me what you got" with that I took a deep breath and then walked to the edge of the mat and started my routine.

Through it all I basically blacked out unti I stuck my final pose. Over in the stands everyone was clapping while Bella and Jake were on the feet applauding.

"Okay, thank you" Chrissy added while looking down and writing.

For the next hour we sat and watched everyone elses routines, and not be cocky or concieted mine had to be the best so I felt pretty good.

At the end Chrissy and the other girls posted a list on the gym door then walked out. All the participants ran to see the list, it was who made it to the final tryouts. I waited til the crowd disappeared to look, Bella and Jake were right behind me. I scanned the list eagerl and there it was, my name was at the bottom of the list. I froze in shock instead of telling them so Bella just looked herself, she hugged me immediately.

"I knew it! You did awesome they have to take you!" Jake nodded in agreement

"They'd have to be complete idiots not to, congrats!!" he picked me up and spun me around.

"Time to celebrate! Lets go to Hooters" Jacob suggested excitedly, me and Bella just looked at him.

He finally sighed "Fine..Bells you round up the rents and I'll order the chinese.. Payson lead the way to your kitchen table" Jacob instructed and we laughed.

Later we all were sitting around the table talking about our days, "Hey Billy did you hear the Cullens are back in town?" Charlie informed, Bella Nathan and I slowed down to listen.

"No since when?" Billy questioned dropping his fork.

Then his eyes quickly flickered to Jacob's full cheeks, if you blinked you would have completely missed the action. "About a week now.." Bella answered turning her fork in circles then Jacob paused.

"Cullens" Nathan questioned confused

"Yeah Nathan really big family of adopted children.." Charlie prompted waiting for him to catch on.

"Right, sorry I've been so distracted with those missing hikers" he added, now I dropped my fork

"Missing hikers?" I repeated, Nathan looked at me and hesitated to respond.

"I don't want you kids out in the woods, understand?" dad instructed and all three of us nodded. TBC...

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