Unfailing Love ~A Jacob Black Lovestory~

Unfailing Love ~A Jacob Black Lovestory~

How far would you go for love?.. How much would you sacrifice?.. Or if it was the in way of something you wanted more than anything, would you give it up?

New Jacob story check it out and tell me what you think.. Enjoy! =)

Chapter 2

Stuck in the middle..and I'm about to freak the freak out!

Later we were all dismissed up to my bedroom...

"So Bella, whats up with your new obsession with the Cullens?" Jake teased flopping on my bed. She tensed up but then shrugged it off.

"Some of them go to my school, but uh Edward is a friend of mine.." she admitted.

Jacob suddenly sat up, "Cullens a freak" he laughed to himself.

"You know him?" Bella questioned now getting offended, which was wierd Bella isn't the type to defend anyone.

"I don't need to know him after all the stories I've heard, and you barely know him yourself!" he snapped getting up.

If I didn't know any better i'd say Jake is being a tad bit jealous. While laughing in my head I realized that they were now face to face. "Guys stop before you get serious. Jake didn't mean that! Jacob say sorry" I pleaded coming between them but he just scowled and she folded her arms waiting.

"No if she wants to ditch us for a freak than I rather her do it now than later" he responded Bella nodded.

"Fine" she added then stormed off downstairs. It didn't take long for her truck to pull out of the drive way and Charlie's cruiser to follow.

"Great going Jacob..Is it really that hard to say two words?! I swear you've been acting like a completely different person lately" I complained pushing him back on the bed.

"Oh whatever..you've heard the stories too!" he argued. Jacob was talking about the Quileute legends that Billy would tell us about, whenever we had sleepovers or campfires in the summer.

Yeah but you know Bella, when you freak out like that you just push her away" I explained sitting next to him.

"Of course you always take her side all the time" he added I sighed and rested my arm across his shoulders.

"I'm not taking anyone's side, I am simply look at the situation from a different perspective" I tried to say without laughing..pointless, he exhaled loudly "Sure, sure".

Just then my dad walks in the room "What happened with Bella?-...Uh never mind. Jake Billy is waiting for you downstairs, he's ready to go." Nathan said and Jake nodded.

"I'll see you tomorrow Payson, later Nathan" he said standing then patted Nathan on shoulder as he walked out.

After Billy and Jacob left, I straightened up the kitchen while dad locked up everything. (He's really big on security)

"Sweetheart? I think we need to have a talk" he called from the living room.

I followed his voice to see him sitting in his chair, "Sure dad whats up?"

He looked extremely nervous I could already tell I wouldn't like where this was conersation would be headed.

"Payson, this whole thing is new to me so bare with me here... I know as a apart of growing up...your interest in the...opposite sex.. is growing too.." he hesitated rubbing the back of his neck, right about now I wanted to cover my ears scream as loud as possible and run upstairs to my room far FAR away from this... TBC..

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