Unfailing Love ~A Jacob Black Lovestory~

Unfailing Love ~A Jacob Black Lovestory~

How far would you go for love?.. How much would you sacrifice?.. Or if it was the in way of something you wanted more than anything, would you give it up?

New Jacob story check it out and tell me what you think.. Enjoy! =)

Chapter 34

Part of Me

"I will not let you take my unborn child away from me" I stated, Nathan grabbed a fistful of his own hair.

"See Nathan this is exactly what I was talking about! How could you be so oblivious to whats going on?!" Kaylee nagged him.

"This isn't anyones fault, in fact this is a miracle-.." I added.

"Are you kidding? She's not going through with it. If you think for one moment that I will stand by and watch you ruin Payson's life you've got another thing coming!" Kaylee interrupted.

Nathan sat there still taking in the news he just recieved. Though I hoped he would hurry up and get over it so he could back me up.

"That isn't your decision to make!" I argued shaking now. Payson was right about her.

"Like hell it isn't, I am her mother!" Kaylee shouted closing the space between us.

"Not a very good one if you ask me, what kind of mother disappears for years then shows up out of the blue?!" I yelled back inches away.

"You don't have any idea of what your talking about! I'll show you a bad mother..-" Kaylee started to raise her hand to strike me, but Nathan quickly cut between us.

"Stop! Both of you! This isn't any of our decisions, its Payson's. And shes smart enough to make her own decisions. But until then i'll decide whats best for her.. Jacob I think its best that you stay away from all of us for a little while."

"What?!" I objected.

"I mean it. Kaylee I don't want you alone with Payson, ever. And as her legal sole guardian you have no choice but to obey my orders if you ever want to see Payson" Nathan instructed.

Kaylee's face was clearly offended.

"If either of you disrespect my wishes, I'll see to it myself you never see her again. Am I clear?" Nathan ordered.

Kaylee and I stared at each other then nodded.

Over the next few weeks I was beggining to lose my mind. Outside the hospital, the talk of the town was Kaylee's return and people's own rumors of Payson being pregnant and having a miscarriage. And some other ridiculous stories.

Payson would be able to clear things up as soon as she awakened. Somehow I could sense it in my soul that Payson was getting better.

But I couldn't go inside the hospital, everday Nathan had someone watching her.

Enough was enough this was becoming ridiculous, I had the right to know if Payson were to survive this or not.

Today I decided to actually go in and see her. When a rush of new patients came in I zoomed past the front desk. They were too distracted to notice me.

After ducking my face down the hall from nurses and doctors.I started to board an empty elevator but I needed to make sure my exit would go unnoticed as well. So I pulled a fire alarm and quickly boarded.

I made the elevator stop so nobody would get on. After a few minutes I proceeded up and her floor was clear.

I raced into her room to see her in the same condition she was in when I left her last, unciousous and still.

Though some of her bruises had healed and the neckbrace was gone.

I stroked her icy cheek and kissed her forehead. A throaty groan errupted from her.

I took a step back and started to hysterically laugh to myself because she was finally waking up!

Her eyes slowly fluttered open and scanned the room then paused on me.

"Jake?..." She questioned.

I was so estatic, not only did she wake up but she remembered me! I took her cold face and smothered her in soft urgent kisses.

"How long have I've been in here?" She asked trying to sit up.

"3 weeks, and it was all my fault. I shouldn't have called you while you were driving.. Payson I'm so sorry" I pleaded.

She took my hand and squeezed it, "Jake thanks, but I'm fine. Where are my parents?"

"Amazing, the doctor said you wouldn't be able to remember things or you'd suffer from brain damage.. But your fine" I added and her face was thoughtful.

"What is it?" I questioned.

"It was like I was dreaming about everything. Were you and my mom fighting in here?"

"Yeah, that was the first day you came in here" I answered.

"So you really told my parents I was pregnant?! Jake are you insane!" She snapped.

"I had to it was the only way I could get them to keep you here" I explained.

"I want to go home I need to talk to my dad" she said pulling the blankets back.

"I don't know if you heard but your dad isn't very happy with me right now, he doesn't want me to see you anymore" I reminded.

The door to Payson's room quickly popped open and a nurse peeked in. At first she was just making sure Payson was alright but then she noticed me.

"Excuse me sir but your not allowed to be in here" she lectured.

"I know I was just leaving" I added rising to my feet. I kissed Payson's forehead zoomed throught the door.

I need to talk to Nathan and I need to talk to him alone.

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