Two Loves is sweeter than Revenge

All Harry Potter Material goes to J.K Rowling! We give her credit!

Chapter 1

The Memory

by: Ahem_What
April 29, 1983.
Micki and I had just finished our birthday party, and we had just turned 4. We said our quick goodbyes to each other and set off to our houses.
It was very dark and there was not a single star in the gloomy sky. I felt a weird sensation that I could sense someone following us. There was the sound of a cloak dragging on the floor and I became more frightened. I tugged at my fathers sleeve and whimpered.
"Someone here," I said, trying to get them understand to me. My father turned around, but there was no one in sight in the big neighbourhood.
"Maybe it would be better if we apparated, Flora." My father said.
"She's too young, she might get splinched," My mum replied worriedly.
"Right," he mumbled. About twenty minutes later, we arrived at our small and humble house's road, yet I did not feel comfort, but more discomfort. I continued to whimper, not from fear of myself being hurt, but from fear of my parents being hurt.
We reached the short drive leading us toward our house and we quickly went inside. The next thing I knew, the door was blasted down and in came a gnarled looking woman, with what looked to be her sister.
"Our first mission!" The woman in front shrieked. She raised her wand. "Avada-!"
"PROTEGO!" My mother cast the shielding charm. The woman said some kind of spell and the shield shattered like glass.
"Silly woman. Evil always overpowers Good." and with a flick of her wand and the words "Avada" and "Kedavra" both my parents were dead. Now, she could have just left, but she wanted more pleasure. She Avada kedavra'd me and I was forced to play dead. Silly Woman, GOOD always overpowers evil. The woman disapparated and I sprang up, standing over my parents' dead bodies. Tears spilled over my cheeks and I couldn't bare looking at them like this. I toddled slowly to our front door, turning the handle lightly. What if she was still out there? Was Micki, my best friend okay? I know this is a lot for a toddler to be thinking, but Micki and I had special minds. We could understand most things toddlers couldn't.
At the exact time I left my house, Micki was standing there too. Her eyes resembled mine, glossy from tears.

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