Bad Love or Bad Guy?

This about the moment that changed my life, the day Jacob Mcbride moved in across the street, the day that my twin brother nearly died again

Chapter 1

The New Neighbors

by: KDVampire
My brother Robbie and I were walking back from the library when we saw it, a moving truck in the house across the street from us.
"I wonder if they have a kid," Robbie asked.
"I don't know maybe," I replied.
"Jessi," Robbie asked.
"Huh," I mutter looking into my brothers green and blue eyes.
"What movie would you like to watch first," he asked.
"I.D.K. hey look they do have a kid," I pointed out. He was about our age 15-16 ish he had jet black hair a little long-ish with red streaks, he was tall and super thin almost anorexic looking but supper hot.
"You wanna see if they need help," Robbie asked.
"Sure why not," I said.
"You guys need help," Robbie asked.
"Sure, I'm Millisa McBride thats my son Jake my other son is inside thats Luke and this is my husbond Max," She greeted.
"Hi I'm Robbie and this is my sister Jessi," Robbie greeted. "We live across the street."
"Well nice to meet you," Luke said running out of the house, he was about 10-11. He ran around the other side of the truck and thats when we heard something break.
"Fvck Luke watch it," Jake yelled.
"I'm sorry I didn't mean it," Luke cried.
Jake came stomping passed us in a freary.
"What was that all about," I mutter.
"Sorry about Jake, he's got some anger issuse," Max said.
"This is Robbie and Jessi they live across the street from us," Mallissa laughed.

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