The Heirs Of Hogwarts! (A Love Triangle at Hogwarts)

The Heirs Of Hogwarts! (A Love Triangle at Hogwarts)

My first year at Hogwarts starts in a couple of days and I'm tottally bummed... I mean after being part of the wizarding world my whole life it's not that exciting. My mother could teach my spells and stuff at home, that is if I knew her. I've been raised at a magical orphanage outside of England my whole life and now I'm being shipped off, abandonned again by my only family.

Chapter 1

Main character info

Name: Chloe Blazes
Age: 12 yrs old (just starting first year)
Apperance: Looks like the picture but with these eyes:

About me: I'm an Animagus that can transform into a lion. Kinda obvious with my eyes, right? But I'm different normal female lions usually have no hair on their head. Well I do I think its cause my hair but really I don't know. Anyways I love to sing, play the guitar, dance and paint. My favorite color is red and my favorite animal is a lion (obviously). Steak is my fave thing to eat and I really like to read also. I kinda have trust issues but I'm strong, tough, smart, kind, witty, couragous and brave (well according to my psychologist).

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