You Are My Life (A Michael Jackson Love Story)

You Are My Life (A Michael Jackson Love Story)

This is my first MJ Story so plz comment but be nice ;)

Victoria and Michael are already going out but nothing too serious yet.

Chapter 1

A Day With Michael

I rang the doorbell of Michaels home. I shifted my small handbag on my shoulder and waited. I looked at the two movies I held in my hands. Both of them were scary movies. I loved scary movies and so did Michael. I just didn't like it when scary things popped out at me.
The door opened and Michael smiled and wrapped me in a hug.
"Hi." I smiled as my hands rested on his back.
His chin rested on my shoulder for a moment and then he pulled away.
"You look very beautiful tonight." he said, his chocolate brown eyes staring back into mine.
Then he wrapped is arm around my waist and shut the door behind us.
"OOO!" he exclaimed like an excited little kid when he saw the movies in my hands. "What did you get?"
"Nightmare on Elm Street and Gravedancers." I said as I let him see the movies. "I wasnt sure which one to get, so I got both."
He slid Gravedancers in and sat on the couch. He held his hands out to me and as I took them he pulled me down on the couch.
I yelped as he started to tickle me.
"Stop! Stop!" I pleaded.
I turned myself around and tickled back in defense to free myself. He laughed and twisted away from me. Finally the movie came on and we both settled down.
I snuggled next to him as we watched the movie. During the movie, some things popped out at me. I jumped and hid my face in Michael's shirt. He would laugh and hold me close to him.
"Nothing is gonna get you." he promised as he kissed the top of my head. "I won't let them." he smiled my favorite smile and I would eventually turn back to the screen only to jump again and hide in his shirt again.
Before I knew it, I was watching the credits. I sat up so Michael could get up.
"Did you like it?" I asked him as he got the movie back in its case.
"It was good." he turned back to me, smiled, and held his hands out to me.
I took them and he pulled me close. I let my head rest on his chest.
"Oh!" I said snapping my fingers and pulling away. I looked in his eyes. "I have something for you. I almost forgot about it."
"What?" he asked. A childlike curiosity flashed over his beautiful face.
"Something to help you sleep at night." I replied.
Michael had told me that he had been having trouble sleeping the last few days. I remember one night he called me and told me that he might have to get a perscription for insomnia. I knew how easy it was to get hooked on sleeping pills and I didnt want that for Michael.
I pushed some tea bags into his hands.
"This will help me sleep?" he asked.
"Well, you have to make it first, silly." I smiled and poked him in the sides playfully.

I handed him a cup of freshly made chamomile tea. He sat down and I began to rub his shoulders.
"Chamomile and a good back massage always helps me sleep." I said.
He drank the rest of his tea.
"You're right." he said. "I already feel tired."
He stood up. "I'll be back."

I washed and put away the dishes, and not long after I had put up the last dish, I felt Michael's arms wrap around me. I turned around and smiled. He was already in his pajamas. I hugged him back and twirled my fingers in his soft, curly, dark hair. I closed my eyes and let his scent fill my nose.
"I love you." he whispered in my ear.
My heart jumped. It was the first time he had said that to me.
"I love you too." I whispered back, meaning every word.
He pulled away but still held me. He brushed his hand on my cheek, then leaned down and pressed his warm lips against mine.
He hugged me again and I could help but smile. He was all I ever wanted.

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