Beatles Poem(s) (Good or Not? Do Tell Me Plz!!!)

Beatles Poem(s) (Good or Not? Do Tell Me Plz!!!)

So I had a school assignment recently where you make poems and my teacher told me it was REALLY good, like maybe the best one she read. I'm not sure if it's THAT good, so maybe you guys can let me know if it is... And maybe I will make more, if this one's good enough!
Peace and Love!! :3

Chapter 1

The Beatles Poem Collection #1

There once was a band, four in all, none of which were too big or small.
All of them sang, but only one drummed. The rest of the band played the things that are strummed.
They all loved each other, of that there's no doubt, and that is the reason this band had worked out.
They all loved performing, for young girls galore, all of them screaming "We love the Fab Four!"
They travelled through Europe, America too; the greetings were followed by "I love you!"
They soon stopped performing, the venues too loud, the Beatles too quiet against the love-crazy crowd.
That wasn't the end though, more songs they still made, even more shocking, they got better paid!
But after a while they started to fight, none of them knowing who's wrong and who's right.
And then the end came, the fights got too bad, all of them leaving in tears, and so sad.
They knew it was coming, the outcome was clear, but when the news came everyone shed a tear.
John, George, Paul, and Ringo, who travelled the land, had found the conclusion, they must end the band. :'(


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