Can't we just fall in Love?: A Harry Potter Love Story: Year 3

Hey guys, well its year 3! I'm very excited for this one ! But by far year 4 will be the best! Thank you all for reading my storys! Please Comment and well...keep reading!

Chapter 1

Happy Happy Birthday to you to you!

Sleep, thats all I want to do after our trip to Egypt. That trip was amazing, totally different coulture, and different people. We toured the pyramids, me Fred and George actually snuck into one, didn't end well but it was worth it! Ginny and me went shopping getting some cool hats and runs in with monkeys. And me and Ron well tryed this spider pita dish thing, mostly me though Ron started screaming once he learned what it was, I almost barfed. It was the best trip I had ever had. But back to sleeping, time difference was terribable.

I pulled the sheet over my head because I heard someone coming. The door opened letting light in, Oh ya the Weasleys gave me my own room, small but I love it its homey!
The light hit my face, then I heard more than one person in my room, coming around my bed. I grabbed my wand which was on my side. Ok if it is some death eaters I'm some what ready....1 2 3!
I sit up and see the Weasleys all in my room.
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" They yell. I sigh and smile , wow I had forgotton!
"Gosh you guys scared me!" I say grinning even more, I look at them all ,Aruthor Molly holding a cake, so sweet, Fred and George poking each other, ok what?, Ginny and Ron just standing there smiling, and Percy just being Percy.
"Well come down stairs for breakfast everyone! I made chocolate pancakes!" Aunt Molly says I thank everyone and go after Aunt Molly as shes going down the stairs
"Aunt Molly I know I asked you already but I really need to go back home, just to get some things" I say running down the stairs
"Fiona , dear, I know but I just don't think its very safe" she says
"Lets just get some breakfast and we'll talk after ok?"
"Ok" I say , ya I don't think we'll talk about it later, I have to think of some way to get there.
I sit down at the table next to Ginny me and Hands me a box.
"Its from all of us" she says
"Oh thank you guys...." I say and open it, I dig threw all the tissue paper and see a wooden box, its beautifully craved castle on the top, I open it and it plays some music, I open the other part of it where I can keep Jewerly.
"Its really beautiful Thank you so much!" I say
"Your welcome" Uncle Aruthor says
"Oh and " Fred says
"We put a charm on one of the compartments" George says
"Here" they both say and point at a drawer.
"Whats it do?" I ask
"Well it makes you-"George says
"The only one that can open it" Fred says
"Awesome...thanks" I say and give them a hug, which is different for me cause I never give the twins a hug.
"Fiona dear eat your pancakes before-" Molly says
"Yes before I wither away" I laugh
"Hey look whos in the paper!" Percy says bringing in the mail
"You" he says I almost choke on my drink
"Me?" I ask
"Yes look" he hands me a daily prophet (sp?) I look at the front and see the titles
"The Girl Who Lived?" I'm shocked..........

(A/N Hey guys if you saw the message I sent out about being on vacation then you know why this is sooo short, I was stressed with time and tried to get alot done, I did until I hit the back button and had half of this deleted ...sigh I am very very sad/mad right now....first thing I do will be to finnish what I had started! Thanks for reading Hope you like it! Its really late so...have to go! )
Ps. Harry will be in the next chapter!

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