Blood Drop

More characters will come through out the story.

Chapter 1


by: LilMags
"Mom your are sending me to an all freaks school!!!"

"No to a creature's school."

"Same thing. Mom I'm not going what about all my friends."

"You can't see them your bipolar and a mood elementer. You have to be able to control your anger or you can put all your friends in danger. However everyone in this school can handle you."

"Mom no what about Daniel."

"You can get way more boyfriends."

"Mom no. I refuse to go." The stove suddenly turned on fire, but it didnt scare my mom.

"Your going now calm down." I left to my room.

Oh hello. My name is Julissa Joseph. I had a great life even with my bipolar issuse. Until my mood elementer blood line caught up with me. When my dad was a mood elementer, but he had anger issuses and was bi polar. He had it more tough. He went to the school like I am. We are the only mood elementers in the world. Only blood. However a mood elementer can be pregnant only once or get someone pregnant only once.My father is the only mood elementer to ever go to this school. I will be the second mood elementer to ever go to that high school. I hate it already. I look like this.



"Hey baby."

"Oh hey."

"Whats wrong."

"I'm going to a different school."

"Are you moving."


"Then why you switching schools."

"umm... reasons.. i can't say."

"What you mean you can't say. I'm your boyfriend. You can tell me anything."

"I just can't tell you."

"Either you tell me or I guess it's over. You can't trust me then we can't be together."

"Please no you have to trust me on this one if i told you, you won't believe me." I started tearing up a bit and t started to rain a little.

"I will I need the truth."

"You want the truth. I am not human."

"Oh right what are you a vampire a witch. You didn't have to make such an insane lie."

"No I'm serious, and I'm not a vampire or witch. I'm a mood elementer."

"Right your making the rain."

"I am. I'm crying."

"Yeah right. It's over."

"But Danny."


"Please don't do this I can prove it."

"No more lies ok bye." He just hanged up. I cryed and the rain fell harder.

next day.

I got dressed.

I jumped into my car. I drove to the area my mom told me to go, Half way there i got a text. Yes i text and drive. I opened it.

Girl meet me by the gym.

Not going to school. New school Srry bye.

I got to the school. It was in the middle of no where. Only creatures eyes can see it. I saw some alot of random students come in. I saw a fairy coming from the sky.

She landed on the floor and turned into a girl.

"Oh umm excuse me."

She turned and looked at me.

"Yeah." She seemed so sweet.

"Can you show me where the office is. I'm new and I need to pick up my scheduale."

"Oh sure. By the way I'm Gabrielle."

"Julissa." We started walking to class.

"Yo Gabrielle." We turned and saw some dude walking down the hall.

"Oh hey Craig."

"Woah and who is this."

"Craig this is Julissa. Julissa this s my friend Craig."

"Nice name." He gave me a wink.

I looked at him over my shoulder and flipped my hair. "Whatever" I said all girly but my laughing gave me away. We all laughed. Gabrielle showed me to the office. I grabbed my scheduale. My first class was with Gabrielle and Craig. I walked to the teacher. She sat me next to this boy.


"Well hello there. What's your name cutie or should I call you cutie."

"Umm.... Im Julissa."



At lunch

I was going to grab my food.

"Hey Julissa." Derek said as he wrapped his arm around me. Before I could say anything somebdy yanked my hair. I turned around quickly. Some girl who looks dead. I guess she's a vampire.

"What do you think your doing with my boyfriend."

"Nothing and if he;s your boyfriend then I think you should tell him to stop flirting with me."

"Your the one flirting with me." He said offended.

"No I'm not."

"Excuse me, but you need to get your human hands off my boyfriend. Also how are you even here. You no demon or were wolf or vampire like I am. Also I'm strong than any human."

"I'm not human."

"Yes you are. I can smell it. Blood. Human blood. No hiding it. Makes me thristy. Also I'm mad. Makes me more thristy. I think I might have a snack." tbc

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