My Life with the One I Love: Michael Jackson

My Life with the One I Love: Michael Jackson

Hola amigas!
This is one of my old stories I happened to come across on here and I decided to edit it and continue posting it. You can check back daily to see what chapter I have posted.
I've been having writers block lately, so any future chapters I have not edited and re-posted might be delayed.
''Note: This story will skip a few years near the beginning.''
And don't worry, I'm also working on the other stories.

Much love given,
''Keke Alexander''

Chapter 3

Uxpected Goodbye

After the limited, steamy shower they shared together, they went downstairs to be welcomed with a mouth-watering smell of breakfast.
"Good morning, Michael." Alexis, Nevaeh's and Hannah's mother, greeted.
Michael nodded his head. "Good morning."
Nevaeh headed into the kitchen, leaving Michael behind.
"Your mother came by earlier but we didn't want to disturb you." their father, James, said.
"Did she want me to come home?" Michael asked.
James nodded.
A disappointment swepts over both Michael's and Nevaeh's face as she came back and handed Michael his plate that was covered in foil.
Michael gave her a small smile and whispered, "Babe, you didn't have to make me a plate."
She smiled. "You're right, I didn't have to, but I ''wanted'' to."
He chuckled. "Thanks, baby."
Michael thanked their parents for the stay and food, and then went out the door to his home two houses down.


Michael was eating his plate from this morning for lunch after he and brothers practiced ''Dancing Machine'' and other songs they created.
His face scrunched in confusion when he saw suitcases and furniture being moved outside. Katherine walked by and he gently grabbed her arm.
"What's going on?" he asked her.
"Joseph didn't tell you?"
"Tell me what?" At this point, he finished his ''brunch'', got up and threw the plate away.
Katherine sighed. "Michael, we're moving."
His eyes widened. "M-moving!? B-but we can't! I finally got together with Nevaeh!"
"I knew it!" Marlon yelled behind his brother. "I knew something was up when I saw you two behind the tree ma-"
"Shut up, Marlon!"
"Michael, what's this thing about you and Nevaeh-"
"We can't move!" Michael argued, cutting his mother off and knocking the main topic back on top.
"Baby, we have no choice. Joseph already bought the house and sold this one."
"W-we're just moving a few blocks away, right?"
Katherine shook her head.
"Then where," he asked.
"Los Angeles."
Michael's jaw dropped. "CALIFORNIA!?!"
He didn't mean to scream at his mother but he finally made Nevaeh his girlfriend and showed her how much he loved her in the shower although he couldn't control his sexual desire.
"No, no, no!" he groaned as he banged his head against the wall.
"Michael, honey, calm down." Katherine cooed as she rubbed his back.
"How could I not notice they were moving stuff around before?" he asked, turning to face his beloved mother.
"That's because you were still over Nevaeh's. They've been moving since six-thirty this morning."
Michael sighed. "Can I tell Nevaeh goodbye?"
Katherine nodded. "You don't have much time, so hurry!" she yelled after him.
Michael was gone out the house in a flash. Nevaeh happened to be outside and walking from the mailbox when she spotted Michael.
"Nevaeh!" he yelled as he pulled her into a tight hug.
"Michael," she questioned as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "are you okay?"
He kissed her deeply before answering, "I'm fine but...remember that I'll always love you."
"I will but what's wrong?" she was slightly breathless from the kiss.
He sighed. "We're moving."
"Moving?? Where?"
Michael bowed his head. "Yes."
Nevaeh's throat tightened. She opened her mouth to speak but no words came. She tried to hold back her tears but failed.
Michael kissed them away. "Don't cry." he told her softly, "We'll be together soon."
"Soon," she asked, appearing skeptical.
He sighed. "Okay, maybe not soon, but...again. Nothing can keep us apart."
She smiled and buried her face in his shirt. He held her tightly for a moment before Joesph told him it was time to go.
They pulled away. Michael fumbled through his pockets on his pants and pulled out a ring and placed it on her finger. "It used to belong to my grandmother."
"Michael...I can't accept this. It belongs in your family."
"And now it belongs to you. I want you to have something of mine."
"Michael!" Joseph yelled.
Michael rolled his eyes and gave her a slow, deep peck. "Love you,"
Nevaeh smiled. "Love you, too."
Michael hugged her and ran off toward the van.
As the van drove off, Michael waved at her through the back window.
She blushed and smiled while waving back. Seconds later, it was gone. She sighed as she went back inside, failing to get rid of the emptiness that clinged to her.

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