My Life with the One I Love: Michael Jackson

My Life with the One I Love: Michael Jackson

Hola amigas!
This is one of my old stories I happened to come across on here and I decided to edit it and continue posting it. You can check back daily to see what chapter I have posted.
I've been having writers block lately, so any future chapters I have not edited and re-posted might be delayed.
''Note: This story will skip a few years near the beginning.''
And don't worry, I'm also working on the other stories.

Much love given,
''Keke Alexander''

Chapter 6


Lisa and I kept our distances; even keeping her children away from mine. But when she was soon out of sight, the kids got back together and continued playing around.
I was walking with Michael around the backyard; the short, steamy moment still fresh in my mind. "What do you see in her?" I asked him.
He had his hands stuffed down in his front pockets and stared ahead as he spoke, "When we first met, she was nothing like this. She was sweet, non-selfish, and caring. Then when we got engaged a year later, she turned into a snob."
"Because you're filthy rich?" I asked.
"Because I'm Michael Jackson: the King of Pop." he dryly replied. "All she wants is media attention to promote her next album and stuff."
"Then why don't you call off the engagement?"
He shrugged. "I ask myself that question everyday, yet I don't have the guts 'nor time to confront her about it."
I sighed, then suddenly remembered something. "Michael, aren't you suppose to have your umbrella with you?"
He shook his head. "The trees are blocking the sun. I'll be okay."
"Just making sure," I pulled his hand out of his pocket and held it.
He gave me a smile and lifted his other hand out of his pocket, pulling me closer. He lightly brushed his lips against mine before giving me a soft, wet kiss. I held the back of his neck, deepening the kiss even more.
I don't think either us knew why we couldn't distance ourselves, knowing we are engaged to another person.
We both heard the click of heels heading toward us. I pulled away and saw Lisa walking toward us but she was a long way behind.
Michael pulled me into another kiss and I pulled back. "What are you doing?"
"She's all the way back there. We have a few seconds." He placed several hard, wet pecks on my lips before retreating.

"You're supposed to be in the studio." Lisa said once she reached us, not acknowledging the kiss.
"Right," Michael muttered, "want to come?" He turned toward me.
"Um, I can't. I have to get home."
"Yeah, she has better things to do than be here." Lisa butted in.
I was about to say something but Michael gave me a look. "Um, Lisa," he began, "I think it's best if you just go back to the house."
She rolled her eyes and walked away.
"Betch," I muttered and Michael chuckled.
"Sorry about that. Can you come by tomorrow?"
I sighed. "I don't know-"
"I'll call your boss and Lisa won't be around. She's going out shopping and crap. And the kids are gonna be way on the other side of the house with their tutors. Just please come." he begged.
I gave him a small smile. "Fine, alright."
"Yay!" he squealed like an excited child and hugged me. "I love you."
My heart skipped several beats and I gulped. I wanted to tell him I love him too but the words refused to leave my throat.
A faint hurt expression swept over Michael's face. "I understand," he sighed. "I'll-" I cupped his face and kissed him, and he quickly responded.
"Bye, Mikey," I whispered after pulling away. I walked over to where Asia was and we left.

''Vince's P.O.V.''

I was drinking with the guys when the front door slowly opened and in walked Nevaeh and Asia. I looked over at the clock. It was past nine. Where the hell were they?
Asia had already ran up the stairs but before Nevaeh could set one foot on the first step, I stood up. "Where the hell were you? It's past nine. You were supposed to be here six hours ago."
She sighed. "I was at a friend's house. Asia was playing with the kids while we hung out and talked."
"What friend? I called all of your friends and every one of them told me you weren't with them."
She sighed once more. ", I was at Michael's house."
"Oh, so it's a ''man''? So what were you two doing while Asia was playing?" I walked closer toward her.
She didn't respond as fast as I wanted her to.
"I think she's fvcking him." Sael told me.
I pushed Nevaeh against the wall. "Yeah, I think so, too. So your whoring azz has been sneaking around with another man, huh?" I slapped her and she held her cheek.
"Weren't you!?" I urged, punching her to the ground.
"No!" she shouted, yelping afterwards from the second punch I threw.
"Get off her!" Asia screamed running down the steps and attacking me. She bit, kicked, and punched me but I flung her weightless body toward the stairs.
"Stay out of this!" But she got back up and continued hitting me.
I punched her and she fell to the floor. "I told you to stay out of this, wh0re!"
Her bottom lip quivered as she held onto Nevaeh who held her tightly.
I backed off. "Get the fvck upstairs before I change my mind about breakin' every damn bone in your body."

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