Rock With Me ( A Michael Jackson Love Story)

Rock With Me ( A Michael Jackson Love Story)

Hi This is a story about a girl (me) that grew up with MJ, they are the same age, all they're lives they are best friends but, will that become more throughout the years? You will have to find that out for yourself! Thanks and enjoy! ( Also I will try and make them as soon as possible but bare with me for I am quite busy with work not much time to write chapters, if you have suggestions for new characters or scenes throughout the story comment or message me.)

Chapter 1


( Flashback 1966) I was just sitting on the soft green grass picking petals off of flowers like any 8 year old girl would do. I was lost in my thoughts until I felt a gentle poke in the middle of my back, I paused for a moment then turned around real quick to startle the person right behind me because I knew exactly who it was. (Yep you guessed it Michael!) I yelled "Boo!" and he jumped back and fell right on his butt with a small thud. He stared at me for a second then we both automatically started busting out laughing at our actions.

After we finally stopped laughing and caught our breath he looked at me and said, " So why are you out here by yourself and not with your friends? cough, me, cough.." I laughed at the last part of his sentence then said, " I don't know I was bored and just wanted to relax for a little bit. Anyways what do you want to do?" He sat there for a moment then out of the blue punched my arm lightly and yelled, " Your it!!" And with that he took off like a lightning bolt with me shortly behind him constantly screaming, " That's not fair!!!" And we played and laughed for the rest of the day til it was time for us to go home. ( End of flashback)

"Breanna, Breanna?" "Hello earth to Breanna!" I shot up off the couch once I landed back on earth from lala land. " Who, what, when, where?!" I said as I looked at my best friend Keke, now alert and awake. She laughed for a second then said, " What in the world were you thinking about this time?" I looked at her with a " You know exactly what I was thinking about" look. She shook her head and said, " I know you miss him but he will be back.. It will only be what like 3 months.?" I said, " Ya but still he has been gone for a year and a half now! I don't know if I will last 3 months!" She frowned with a sorta goofy look and said, " Well that lets me know where I stand here!" I knew she was trying to make me smile and or laugh, so I let a smile spread across my face but only for about 3 seconds. She sat down next to me and said, " Hey its ok, I understand I really do, I love ya girl, don't ever forget it!" I smiled at her, she got up and walked to the door, she waved and said, " I'll see ya later." I kept looking down and said, " K." And with that she walked out the door...

Ok so here's the thing, Me and Mike ( What I call him) Have been BFF's since the age of 3. We were both born in August him on the 29th me on the 17th, our parents are even close! ( Hard to imagine being close friends with Joe I know but it just seemed to work with them, but hey me and Mike don't mind it makes it easier for us to visit each other.) We tell each everything, do everything together, even pull pranks on people together! Well at least we used to that is. Ya see Mike and his bro's went on tour for a while and on top of that they even moved to Cali! But thank God that my dad got a job down there so we could move there too after I begged them literally everyday, I guess it worked ;). Anyways we live 5 houses down from each other so it was pretty easy to hang even with their crazy times where they had to do this or that but Joe didn't mind me being there, friendship remember :)? Until they went on that tour they have been gone for what seems like forever only to turn out to be a year and a half. I was calling him and talking to him but it got so crazy that he couldn't even talk on the phone or send letters so the only time I see them is on TV now. Oh how I hope to see them soon.. Also current year is 1973 so we are both 15 and it is the exact date it is now which is July 14, so we will be going by that for now.

I was sitting on the couch staring at on old photo album filled with fond memories of little me and Mike, then all the the sudden the phone rang startling me. I got up to answer it.....

Hey! Hope you liked this chapter rate and comment plz! And share wit your friends on quibblo cause I only have 7 haha. Who is on the phone?! Stay tuned!! :) Thanks, Bre ( Breanna)

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