Harry Potter: The End That We Have Been All Dreading

Thank You to The_Princes_Tale for making me think about writing this :)

Chapter 1

Dreading The End

WOW. I have read the Harry Potter Series a lot. I have watched all the movies. I bought all the Harry Potter Movies. Harry Potter is what I turn to whenever I feel down or I feel like any of the Harry Potter Characters. It is my core, the thing I ALWAYS turn to. I have a lot of things to say to the Harry Potter Characters. So here it goes:

HARRY POTTER: Wow, has it been 11 years already? I have followed you on your adventures for as long as I can remember. I use to think that there was not a book in the world that could beat The Twilight Saga Series. But the minute I started following you and your adventures I knew that I was wrong. I fell in love with you in the fifth book/movie and have always turned to your adventures whenever I felt down. I will never forget you and I will always remember how you had to start your life as the boy who lived in the cupboard under the stairs and how you ended up as the boy who lived and defeated Voldemort.

RON WEASLEY: WOW. I can't think of a single person that would have done a better job as Harry's sidekick as you did. You took the meaning of sidekick and turned it into something that made everyone know that sidekicks are just as important as the hero's, because you have been there for Harry. You might have left Harry and Hermoine at times but I know that it was out of pure jealousy. I loved your family and I will never forget the hardships you faced financially and how you and your family overcame them.

HERMOINE GRANGER: MY IDOL! I have followed your every step and move. I have tried your ways and have always followed what you did as a way to learn new ways to be a better student. You have showed me that a person can go on adventures and also be the best student in your year. You have showed me that no one should , just like you, not have to worry about where you come from and forget about what other people say about you. You were the core in Harry and Ron. You were the one that made sure they were friends forever. Thank You for that, because without you, I wonder how Harry and Ron's lives would have turned out.

DRACO MALFOY: What I want to start with is by saying I LOVE YOU. People might hate you but to me you have always been the boy that has been led the wrong way by his parents. The misunderstood boy. I cried in the sixth book when you felt so helpless, when you had to kill Dumbledore,I wanted to go into the movie and book and tell you that your not alone, I understand what your going through. And that I will always be there for you. You care to much about your family to let them down or let them get murdered by Voldemort because you couldn't complete the mission Voldemort assigned you. I wanted to make everyone in the book understand why you did what you did, why you had to kill Dumbledore and let the Death Eaters into Hogwarts. I now know that if you had the choice, you would have stopped being a Death Eater. You and Severus Snape have a lot in common, One of the things is that you figured out that being a Death Eater has consequenses. You wanted to back out just like he did but it wasn't possible.I was just SOOO happy that you didn't die. I always remembered you when I met people that didn't understand me and I will always do that.

JAMES "PRONGS" POTTER: I don't know what you did to deserve death so early. You would have been a great dad. And I know that you must have been because you died for your son. You were a great husband because Lily Potter knew what was right and knew that you were going to be a great husband or else she wouldn't marry you. R.I.P James Potter.

LILY POTTER: You were a great mother and I think that it was so unfair that you died at such an early age. You gave so many people chances, you also gave James Potter a chance after everything. You were a great friend to Severus Snape. But I which you hadn't stopped talking to Severus Snape because then maybe you might have opened up a better and different life for him that would have made him possibly live longer. But you were a great mother and husband. R.I.P Lily Potter.

SIRIUS "PADFOOT" BLACK: I want to start by saying that I miss you SOO Much and I think you should have gotten married and had children because you were a very good person. You should have been able to live a long life that didn't include Azkaban or getting killed. You were a great godfather and you will always be the one that I always thought who needed a better life. You were very brave to not try to prove your innocence and live the life of a fugitive until death. You were very smart and should have been able to live a life full of happiness. R.I.P Sirius Black.

REMUS "MOONY" LUPIN: I will always remember you A LOT and will miss you just like the others. You have been a great friend and a role model for Padfoot and Prongs. You were always the quiet and mysterious one. I loved that about you. I felt so bad for you when I found out that you were a werewolf. But you can still live a normal life with being a werewolf. You've always been a very gifted student and person and don't think being a werewolf is a curse because it isn't. You being a werewolf is what started the Mauradars and your friendship with James and Sirius. You died with your beloved wife fighting fo the right thing and in my opinion, that's one of the best ways to die. R.I.P REMUS LUPIN.

SEVERUS SNAPE: I have so much to say about you. You are my role model for always doing something great. Everything in your life so far had left you to die fighting on the right side. You did the right thing turning from a Death Eater to a member of the Order of Phoenix. You have always been there to save Harry even at times you hated him. You were the most trusted by Professor Dumbledore no matter what other people thought about you. You are a great role model and everyone should no what you did for Harry Potter. No one should forget the sacrifices you made, if Voldemort had found out you would have been dead. You died knowing it was the right thing to do. When I read the chapter about you life, I was crying so much. R.I.P Severus Snape.

ALBUS DUMBLEDORE: I will miss you soo much Professor Dumbledore. you always knew what the right thing to do was and you never let anyone down, you were always there for anyone that needed you and no one is ever likely to forget you. Rita Skeetar is a stupid old lady that just needs a story and she used you for her own selfish needs. You were the smartest and strongest wizard ever and it was very sad when you died. R.I.P

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