Step brother love

When a girl named Savannahs dad died her mom got remarried to Alex Ramirez dad her whole life changed before her eyes!

Chapter 40

Could this be the end

(at school). Hey sav i got great news! What is it? I got into Lindenwood University! Thats great but why so far away. Well it has everything i want there well except you. Are you saying this is the end? The end of what? Of us the end of us. Oh just until i get back and then we can go back out. But what if you find a better girl than me whats gonna happen to me am i supposed to just stay quiet. No what i want you to do is apply to. But i want to go to UMSL University. But then we cant be together. Well then you wouldnt have applied if you knew i wanted to go to UMSL. But Lindenwood is my dream college. Then go for your dream the only one holding you back is me and i am not holding you back from your dream. But savannah i didnt want it to end this way. Well it looks like it just did.(a tear rolls down her face and she leaves to second hour with sel). Sav guess what? You got into Princeton! Yeah i did and i cant wait for you to apply! You know my dream college and if i dont get in im applying for Lindenwood. So you can be with your boyfriend over your best friend who has known you ever since 3rd grade. Well i have known thomas ever since i was born so yeah i want to be with my boyfriend but ill visit. No i dont want you to visit ever since we grown up together we have never had a fight and you choose now to have one i cant believe you. I dont want it to be the end it has been the end for everything do you know what it is like for loosing bpth your parwnts living with someone you hardly know do you know how hard it has been for me and you are just gonna go and do this to me. I didnt mean for it to blow over like it did! Well you know it just did and now i have nothing else to offer. (a tear rolls down her face and she gets up and goes to her locker and slides down it crying). Sav we need to talk about this lindenwood thing. I-i-i-i dont want to t-t-talk avout it. What hapoend? Me and sel got in our first fight and now were not friends i dont think. You still have me! No no i dont you are going off to lindenwood in a stinkin week and ugh you only get to stau 17 minutes for my birthday the day of you leave. Savannah i didnt mean for this to happen. Thomas- sel get out of here its not your place. Sel- fine ill go but know this sav im always your friend. So what about this lindenwood thing. Well i thought about it and UMSL has everything i want it has more qualities and i applied they replied and i got in here is your letter. Yes yes yes yes yes i got in!!! Yes now we can go to the same college and be together. You have to promise no parties without the life of the party and thats me. I think you need to tell sel. I will.(savannah runs as fast as she can and sge catches up to sel). Sel he got into UMSL and i tottaly want you in it to. But princeton its my dream. Dreams dont always work because thomas found better offers than lindenwood could offer. Ill think about it. Friends? Friends! (selena and savannah hug).

Commentio and thanks to my bff kyra you should check her out her thingy on here is kiwifruitchica and she is totaly awesome

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