Deathly Hallows part 2 was dissapointing. (Rant Alert)

Chapter 1

Rant and Spoiler Alert

Mhm... I watched it.

If I'm being honest - it didn't reach my actual expectations. I expected it to be more extravagant and all.

Good thing Neville's a comic relief. "You and whose army?!" with the arm swag.

Oh, and James Phelps said the filming was more like Saving Private Ryan than magic. And he was wrong. It didn't reach the epicness of Saving Private Ryan. Yes, I also watched it - my dad has a thirst for blood, which I sadly inherited. He wanted to be a military dude (which I'm not stopping him for - Hey... as soon as he writes his will...) and I have a knack of hitting people with a ball. Especially if it has a rock in it. My classmates used to make on with paper and tape. Dodgeball is an amusing game, if I do say so myself.

Fred and George are just there. Just there, nothing less, nothing more. When he [Fred] died, he just... just fell dead on the floor. I was more sympathetic to Remus and Tonks rather than him. They lay beside each other. And the part in the trailer where they reach for each other's hand... touching. And - I don't know if you get this or not - I'm not saying that sarcastically.

And Snape. Snape, Snape, Severus, Snape. He is the greatest man that ever lived. Greater than the legendary Dumbledore. I raise the book beside me [Birth of a Killer - if you're interested.] in praise of the best man ever. Cheers to you, Alan Rickman. You did a brilliant job playing Snape. I slightly genuinely started streaming tears when your flashback occured. Though not as hard as when I read the novel.

His flashback as a child was dissapointing. But the flashback as teenagers and adults were very very sad. You know why? Because Alan Rickman resumed his role. No other actor. Him only. He displayed the feelings Snape ought to have. I'm crying this now as I'm writing this. Cheers again, for giving Severus justice.

He's now my favorite character. I had a hard time deciding who before.

And the kiss? I know a lot of people were anticipating that Weasley-Granger affection. What can I say? Dissapoooointing. They didn't drop the basilisk fang. I'm not saying more since it's spoiler and people will probably hate me for it and not liking that part.

And... Hmm - Ooh! The battle! Also... not good. Neville was a great character, but he didn't receive enough audience when he killed Nagini.

Here, you might like this:

The middle part happened when Neville slashed it's small head. The snake should've been bigger, really.

And the 'real' battle between Voldy and Harry? Booo... Alright, it's good. It would've been better if they focused it on Harry and Lord Voldemort only. No more extra scenes.

Michael Gambon seemed arrogant. He looks mean - not the twinklish-eye-Santa-Clau-ish. That's why I never liked Dumbledore in the first place. I don't know why... it seemed like a push factor.

And the part where the dementors where going to kill Harry then came Luna, Seamus and the others? Gone! I loved that part in the novel. Too bad...

The epilogue. Ahh... the dreaded epilogue. The girls beside me's reaction? "Oh my God! Oh my God!" cue the fanning and screaming effect "He's so handsome! Eeeep!" Yes, that's their reaction. But, I translated it; went more like "Aaayy! Ang gwapo! Kita mo?" Yes, no understando, eh?

It's Albus Severus Potter. The previous pictures I saw, he was rather not very attractive. Probably because of a wrong angle. But he did look cute. His hair -I think that's 80% of why I think he's cute- had no split ends!

But I still think Will Dunn [James Sirius] looks great. Even before. Hmm... Bertie Gilbert - such a shame, he also looks great. But the only thing you'll see is the back of his head. He has a pretty face, though.

And the actress that plays Rose... Hmm... not Rose enough. But the actor that plays Hugo looks -erm,- Hugo. Oh, and the Lily actress [Harry's mother]... as for her, I'm jealous. She's pretty. I wish I was as pretty as her. And the younger Lily [Luna - Harry's daughter] eh. Cute kid, if I do say so myself.

So... Yes, Arthur Bowen does have the same blue eyes Dan Radcliffe has. Brilliant, though they were supposed to be green. Oh, and a lot of people mistake Ellie Darcey-Alden to play Lily Luna, terrible mistakes, people. She plays the flashback Lily! Get it straight! It's Daphne de Beistegui who plays her! A bit disrespectful, don't you think? She's always out of the picture, it's always the Ellie girl, though she's prettier. I mean, yeah, Daphne's cute, just not as pretty as the other girl, but that's disrespectful.

But Rosie's actor isn't as Weasley-ish. She's more the other family-ish kind of girl.

Alan Rickman is a legend.

But who am I to say the movie was dissapointing? It's my opinion, though, no hard feelings.


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