Animal I Have Become {pt. 2}

Like I said, this story is based on the song Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace, if you would like the link to the song then go to the first part of my story.
Enjoy! :)
P.S.: the picture in the first chapter was Hunter and now this one is Violet.

Chapter 1

An Icy Monster

One thing I can tell you is that when you live by yourself with just your mother who hates you and is an alcoholic, you tend to like school. Well, just like it better than home.
"What took you so long?" Mom said, blocking the way to my room. Crap, I thought. I took a deep breath, preparing myself for another epic fight my mother loved starting.
"I was walking home with my friend," I said, not really sure if I could consider Violet a friend, but ignored it.
"Oh, which friend?" She said loudly. Her tone was obnoxious and her words were slurred, noting that she was wasted, as usual.
"None of your business!" I yelled, getting pissed off already. Couldn't she just leave me alone?
"I am your m-mother," she said, tripping over her own words and almost falling over, not-so-gracefully catching herself by leaning against a wall. "You don't s-sp... god dammit... you don't sp-speak to me with that tone, young man..." She made a weird moaning noise and yawned grotesquely.
"Mother," I said, trying my hardest to be polite. "I'm tired and would like to go to my room. Would you please let me by?"
She stifled a hacking cough and struggled to keep eye contact with me. Her eyes were glazed over and distant, which made my heart hurt. Huh. Seems I hadn't gotten the ability to not let her pain me. "Aren't y-you gunna make some dinner?" She said, and sneezed. It smelled like rotting booze.
"No," I said quietly. I moved quickly past her wobbling frame and entered my room, slamming the door behind me.
"Ugh," I said under my breath. I collapsed onto my bed without taking anything off and grabbed the yearbook on my shelf. I opened it up to my class and proceeded to stare at Violet's photo. Even black and white, it lit up the page. I sighed. Her long raven black hair was sleek and straight, falling down her slim back. Her eyes, even colorless, shone across the row of other students that she made look drab and untasteful.
"You're so beautiful," I whispered quietly. The only woman that would ever catch my heart, my mind, catch my attention when I pass her in the halls. All the other girls, no matter how "hot" - please, how is orange skin and greasy blonde hair considered "hot" - well, no matter how much other guys wanted to fvck them, I would always want Violet. So unique, beautiful, goddess-like. I wished she was here with me. She was definitely something worth living for.
Whenever I thought of her - which was pretty much always - well, as long as my mother wasn't clouding my mind which was pretty disturbing - I always felt my heart twinge. Surely, surely someone as gorgeous as herself had a boyfriend. I swallowed, feeling the excess need to cry. Please, like I wanted to do that? I inhaled deeply and then exhaled, feeling unsure. How would I know?
But she was just so beautiful. To me she was the brightest star in the sky, the one that made the moon look plain and boring. The woman that not only filled my heart with love and joy but terror and fear of losing her...
Just then, all the lights in the house shut off. Every single one. I couldn't see my hand as I waved it an inch away from my face. The room was pitch black and silent, so silent that it hurt my ears.
What's going on? I thought in my head, looking around my room. I couldn't see a thing, all I could see was outside my window...
And floating there was a pitch black mist. Just staring at it left me terrified, breathless and freezing cold. I leaped off my bed just as it dived into my bedroom, missing me by an inch. But it didn't matter because I nicked my head on the corner of my shelf. I collapsed onto the carpet, feeling warm liquid leaving my head. The edges of vision were black and blurry and red spots danced across my sight. The black mist floated above me, making me unbearably cold.
I wanted to move away from it but I was too weak. All I could think was, How can I protect Violet in this condition?
This thing - whatever it was - didn't hesitate. It dived into my body, filling me the horrible fear and icy cold of a foreboding winter night. I began to shiver violently and I screamed. Where was my mother? All I could hear was water in my ears. I couldn't breathe. My arm reached out to the nothingness in front of me, and right before blacking out, I swear I heard "Hunter..." in the distance...


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