Jonas Love Story!! part 1

Hey!si it's a group story by me and (famusduh12) u should add her she is rly cool and in this chapter i'm just going 2 say the idea of the story!
PLZ PLZ PLZ tell me if u like it!


Chapter 1

There ya go...

So the Jonas Brothers (OMG!!i forgot 2 tell u they r NOT famus...yet) are going on summer vication 2 Egypt 2 see the paryamids the musiems,,,,etc
Emma and Diana will be the tour leaders (u know who tell the tourists what is that and the storys of the paryimads and things like that) they are also best friends (i truely love her).

Diana:long light brown hair,not tall or short,brown eyes and she's skinny. oh 15 years old!

Emma:She will tell in the comments (plz do it Em)

Joe:do i need 2 tell u!! lol 16 years

Nick:do i need to! 15

Kevin:do i need 2!! 18

Frankie: ...........8



*************************************THE STORY*************************************
Diana: at the office with Em Ugh,there's a nwe familly coming next week manny?
Diana:it's 1 familly 3 boys and the parents
Emma:maybe there's a cute boys!
Emma:ok ok look like someone didn't leep well todday
knock on the office door
Diana:come in in!
The directorr:hey girls
Emma and Diana:Hi
The director;about the famiily who r coming....
Diana:yeah what about them?
The director:they are comming after 2 days not a week so get ready coz u r going 2 get them from the airport and then 2 the hotel u will stay with them the 3 months they r staying and then....well that's all have fun girls!
He leavs
Diana:Ugh,can u believe that!
Emma:well that's sounds like fun
Diana:i think u have no idea what fun is!!
Emma:ok now why r u so angry since this morning?
Diana:i am starving! ,do u want 2 go eat lunch with me?
Emma:sure were?
Emma:sounds good
************************after eating and everything********************************
Emma:i want 2 go shopping wana come?
Diana:why do u want 2 go shopping? u have enough clothes plus we were shopping last week!
Emma:coz we r going 2 stay 3 months!!.....and maybe there will be cute boys
Diana:ok ok so let's go 2 macy's?
**************they brought new clothes and shoes then they go home coz thw want 2 start packing oh and the live together not with their parrents*********


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