Small Town Girl In Kansas

Taylor is in a world of trouble when she finds out about her parents but when she meets tyler thongs get better.

Chapter 1

Terrible day

Mom why do u and dad have to get a divorce i mean like serioulsy i need my parents Taylor you will understand all this later in life. Mom Taylor its for the best were splitting (tears roll down taylors face) mom i want something to work out in my life cant u just pretend you guys love eachother. No it doesnt work that please make it work for me and Jackson and Casey please mom! No i wish i could but i cant. Go tell Jackson and Casey ok mom. Taylorbruns up the stairs bursting into Casey and Jacksons room crying. Taylor whats wrong mom and dad are getting a divorce. What!! Im not happy about it either Casey Taylor it wikl be ok no it wont Jackson. Yes it will (Jackson hugs Taylor). Im gonna live with dad. Tay me and Jackson already agreed we are onna live with mom if this ever happend alright. Taylor goes down stairs mom im living with dad and Casey and Jacksin are living with you. Mom i want you to know i love you just because im gonna live with dad doeant mean i dont love you Taylor i know u love me.

Please comment i want to know if u like it or not!

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