Serena's tail

Serena's tail

I wanted to write another story i'm not really sure if this is going to be something with Twilight or not but you should tell me if i should make an original story out of this or another twilight fanfic, please and thank you! :)

Chapter 1


I loved the water. Popping your head out to watch the sunset, i'm sure the humans wished they could have this kind of a view. Everything under the ocean was magical. The humans have myths of sirens or mermaids, that sang songs and then once they are able to they drag you to the bottom of the ocean and devour you; which I would like to point out is not true.

I guess I should introduce myself, my name is Serena, i'm 16 and according to the people who know me i'm very adventurous. My father is the king's right hand man, as you may call it. So we're not really royalty, but my family is very close to it. My family is my father Tridous, brother Caspian and my younger sister Mariana. Our features are the same blue eyes and dark hair. Mine and my sisters tails are a deep blue and my father and brothers tails are more green.

Many legends say that mermaids can't walk on land, and again that's not true. For example, my mother. She left this life after Mariana turned 4, she told us of a man who she saved from a shipwreck and how she fell in love with his eyes. They married and she never returned. Walking on land doesn't require a sea witch or any painful transformation, the thing is you just have to stay on land for awhile and your tail is gone. Going on land and loosing your tail is taught to you. So if you are in human form and say it starts raining you don't have to worry about sprouting a tail.

I lived in the Pacific Ocean right on the coast of Washington. The water is always cold to humans, but for us? It feels perfectly fine.Not many people actually go into the water because of how cold it is, but I like to sit on the rocks and watch the people play on the sand. The boys throw an oddly shaped ball around and push each other to the ground, i've heard them call it a football. The game itself seemed pointless, but fun. The girls lay on towels,as the call them, and talk. Sometimes some of the men jump off of the cliffs and then swim to shore. My favorite time though is when no one is on the beach and I can lay on the sand while the rain falls, usually my tail disappears but I never stray to far from the beach. I always make sure I can see the water.

"Serena!" My father called from inside the castle.
"Yes?" I swam into the large doors and into my fathers office.
"The king would like you to have a date with his son, Damien."I looked at him shocked. When the king requests a date for his son, it meant marriage.
"Do I have a choice?"
"Serena, this will be good for you! He's a wonderful man, and a prince! Think of the life you could have, you could be queen!" My father sounded excited, but being queen meant only leaving the castle with body guards and no more going on land or traveling. I sighed I really didn't have a choice, it was almost like an arranged marriage. My father smiled and I swam out.

What was I going to do? I popped my head out of the water and I could feel the rain. I swam ashore and sat there. Slowly my tail disappeared and I shrugged the bag off of my back and pulled on the bikini I bought from a store on the shores of Venice beach. I didn't want to be queen or even a princess. I just want to be me, and travel and see the world! I sighed and fell back onto the sand and fell asleep. I knew this was dangerous, but right now I didn't care.


So let me know if you want this to be a twilight story or an original story so I can write in the next chapter who finds her. And if you want this to be a twilight story tell me who you want it to be about! Please and thank you!!

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