Serena's tail

Serena's tail

I wanted to write another story i'm not really sure if this is going to be something with Twilight or not but you should tell me if i should make an original story out of this or another twilight fanfic, please and thank you! :)

Chapter 2

The choice.

I heard a voice. Not like in my head, but from the beach.
"Hey." Someone said shaking me, whoever it was, was really warm. I groaned and sat up. How long had I been asleep? When I opened my eyes there was a guy sitting on his knees. He had dark blonde hair and green eyes that seemed to have a hint of blue in them. He was wearing a white shirt and he was really muscular. I found him very attractive.
"I'm Alexander, sorry for waking you up. Its that there's a storm coming in and I didn't want to leave you on the beach."
"Oh, um thanks." I said and he got up.
"Where are you headed, i'll give you a ride."
"I don't know."He looked at me confused.
"Its a long story" I sighed. I didn't want to go home, but was running away the right choice?
"I've got time, you can stay at my house till you figure things out." He smiled then tossed me a black sweater.I pulled it on then nodded and followed him into a large shinny black metal object. He started talking about how he acquired this 'car'. Apparently when his great grandfather passed away he passed it down to him, it was called a mustang I wanted to know more, but we arrived at his house, and he said he'd talk more about it later. He opened the door for me and lead me into the house. It was small but nice.
"Grandma, i'm home!" he yelled. Grandma? Where is his mother? I was confused.
"Alexander, you brought company!" she smiled walking into the place where we were standing.
"Yeah this is uh, I didn't catch your name."
"Serena." I said
"Its nice to meet you honey." his grandma said and patted me on the shoulder and was gone.Alexander took my hand and led me deeper into his house. He lead me to a room that was gray with pictures on the wall. There were pictures of everything, he must have traveled a lot. I wandered around looking at the pictures so happy, I wanted to see these places.
"Like 'em?" he asked pulling off the t-shirt and sifting through a drawer taking out a black shirt. While he waited for my answer he pulled the shirt on.
"Yes, I want to travel."
"Is that how you got here?"
"You could say that." I touched a picture with a girl in it.
"That's my sister." he said standing behind me looking at it, he seemed sad.
"Where is she?" I asked facing him.
"Car accident, she died along with my mom. My dad committed suicide a year later. I was five at the time but whatever."
"I'm sorry." I said and he shrugged.
"Tell me about you, I mean, you were just laying there on the beach. Where are you from?"
"The sea." i mumbled and he laughed.
"I don't find that to be at all humorous, you live on land do I laugh at you?" he looked puzzled.
"You're not joking?"
"That's not really a joking matter."
"Oh, wait. You wouldn't believe me if I told you the truth anyway Alex.I should be heading back, my father is probably searching for me." I said and started to walk out, but he grabbed my arm.
"No, Serena. Don't go, I believe you! Just tell me more, please?"
"If you tell me about the land."
"Promise." he smiled sticking out his pinky and wrapping it with mine. I didn't know what kind of deal I made but if it kept me from going back, I'd take it. Maybe he'd take me to travel around the world and I can see all the beautiful places in his pictures. The thought enthralled me. I couldn't wait.
"So, what exactly are you?"he asked and I sat on the floor playing with my toes.
"Mermaid." I said uninterested. "Oh and you cannot tell anyone else Alex this is my secret, you must keep it." I told him and he nodded at a loss for words I guess.
"Seriously? Wow, that's amazing."
"No, not now."
"Why!?" he was shocked.
"The grass isn't always greener on the other side, but my father wants me to marry the prince."
"And that's bad?"
"Yes! Its horrible! I'd never be able to travel or leave the castle without guards, what kind of a life is that?" I sighed.
"Oh, you like traveling?"
"Very much. I love your pictures."
"Maybe i'll take you to some of the places."
"Really?" I asked ecstatic.
"Haha yeah, tomorrow i'll take you to the meadow" He said pointing to a picture with yellow and pink flowers in it.
"I can't wait."
"I like your accent, its nice."
"Oh the way you sound when you speak, its nice."
"So is yours." I yawned and got up onto the bed and closed my eyes, its a wonder how i'm still tired. I was excited for tomorrow, I really couldn't wait. Maybe I could even take my own pictures. That would be spectacular! I felt the bed shift and a warm around wrap around me and then sleep took me.

So I had to wait for the tie breaker, and this is going to be an original since it had two votes. Ok buh bye for now! :D

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