Serena's tail

Serena's tail

I wanted to write another story i'm not really sure if this is going to be something with Twilight or not but you should tell me if i should make an original story out of this or another twilight fanfic, please and thank you! :)

Chapter 3

Caputring memories.

I woke up just before sunrise; Alex was sprawled across the other side of his bed slightly snoring. I got out of bed and opened the window, the air outside smelled like fresh rain and the delicious smell of the wet tree bark. The sun was beginning to rise, sure it was beautiful in the water, but here? It was simply breath taking. I heard a snap and saw a flash.
"What was that?" I asked turning to see Alex sitting up with something in his hand.
"Polaroid picture, I figured you wanted a few, so here's the start." I walked over to him to look at the polaroid picture it was of me in the black sweater starring out at the sunrise.
"Thank you."
"No problem.I'll bring it along and we'll capture some more memories, but first we need to buy you some clothes."
"Here put these on for now." he said tossing me a pair of swimming shorts I've seen the guys on the beach wear.
"Just tighten the string, so they don't slip off." I nodded and pulled them on and then he tossed a shirt at me and I pulled it on, both clothing items where to big but what did it matter?
"Hungry?" he asked
"Yes." He smiled and told me to wait outside on the couch so he could shower. I sat on the couch and was looking through a book type thing, it was more flimsy and it had pictures of people in it. I read some of the things in it and found a few items of clothing I would like to have. I told Alex that I wanted them when he got out. He laughed and said he'd see what he could do.We ate cereal then got into his car.
"Wheres your Grandmother?" I questioned getting into his car.
"Still sleeping its only like 6 a.m. Serena." I looked at him confused and he laughed and explained the use of a clock and the time.
"In the sea we wake up when the sun hits the water and when it goes down we sleep, we have no use for time there I guess."
"Seems interesting." he smiled. I was really starting to enjoy his company. We got to the "mall" that Alex was telling me about we went into a few stores and Alex bought me a few outfits and undergarments and he also bought me lunch.
"That was very nice of you. Thank you." I smiled at him after I got out of the bathroom, I now was wearing a flowery dress that had medium length sleeves and as Alex called them low top black and white converse.This was by far my favorite outfit.
"Its not a problem, after all its part of the human experience!" he smiled and put his arm around my shoulder.We got back into his car, he put my bags in the back and he said we where now going to the meadow. He also handed me the camera. I decided that I wanted a photo of him so I snapped one.
"Why?" he asked not taking his eyes from the road.
"I want to remember the wonderful guy who was so pleasant to me on land, that is if I decide to go back at all." I sighed.
"You're going to stay?" he asked.
"Maybe, if its alright with you. I don't want to be stuck in a palace my whole life, at least with you I can see the world."
"You'll stay with me?" he asked somewhat in shock.
"Like I said before if its alright with you." He just smiled and kept driving. We got to the meadow at around, according to the clock, 3:30 p.m.
"Come on." Alex said lacing his fingers with mine, leading me through some trees.
"How did you find this place."
"When my dad committed suicide, my grandma took me here she said it'd help me clear my mind."
"You would have only been 6 years old."
"I didn't show how much loosing my family bothered me, i'm not good with emotions. I have aunts and uncles but they've given up on me. All I have left is grandma, and shes not going to last forever."
"I'm here." I said holding his hand tighter.
"For now." He looked so sad and for some reason that bothered me. I hadn't known him for a day and was this me showing that I had feelings for him? No, it can't be.
"What?" he asked looking at me.
"Nothing, just thinking." He nodded and then we took some pictures of the scenery and us, and then we ran out of 'film' as Alex said it was. We took 84 pictures and I loved them all!
"So you know so much about my family what about yours little mermaid?"
"Really? Little mermaid?"
"Yeah. So your family?"
"Um I have a brother and a sister and my father. My mother left she fell in love with a man on land, she told us and was gone. We could do nothing but let her go."
"Sorry." he said sitting up on his elbows.
"Its not that bad." He looked at me then shrugged.
"Guess not, at least you know she's alive and happy." I nodded at his reasoning, even though i've never really thought of it that way.
"Its getting late lets go home."
"Sounds like a plan, but can we get something to eat. I'm starving!" He laughed and nodded we stopped at a McDonald's and grabbed some chicken nuggets.
"What part of a chicken are the nuggets?" I asked
"There isn't one, its chicken breast meat."
"Then why are they called nuggets?"
"I don't know." I sighed and finished my food we also got soda and french fries, I was enjoying human food very much.
"Slow down little mermaid, I think we should go for a run tomorrow before anything or you're gonna get mad at me for getting you fat."
"Can we take the camera?"
"Sure." He smiled. We got home and his grandmother was fast asleep on the couch he woke her and she went to bed. Alex taught me how to use the shower and I showered and changed into the pj's he bought me.
"Wanna watch a movie?" he asked
"Right, here just sit on my bed and watch." I listened and after he set things up he sat down next to me.
"What is this?" I asked after seeing a red headed mermaid swimming away from a shark.
"Its the little mermaid." he smiled.
"So this is where my nickname comes from?"
"Yep." I rolled my eyes at him and he playfully shoved me. I fell asleep right after the movie ended I enjoyed it. I was looking forward to more 'movies'.

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