Serena's tail

Serena's tail

I wanted to write another story i'm not really sure if this is going to be something with Twilight or not but you should tell me if i should make an original story out of this or another twilight fanfic, please and thank you! :)

Chapter 5

New Feelings

His lips touched mine for a brief second, then there was a knock on the door and he rolled off of me with a sigh.
"Alex. There is a man here asking for your friend." His grandma said. Alex noticed the fear in my eyes. His grandma left and he hugged me.
"I'll go, stay here." he said and kissed my forehead. I felt calm, but I was afraid for him. I tired to listen to the conversation. Then I heard a loud crash and I ran out of his room almost running into his Grandma on my way out.She followed me to the front room. There stood Damion with his two guards and Alex on the floor with blood dripping from his nose.
"What did you do!?" I yelled and Alex's grandma gasped. I rushed to his side and Damion went to grab me.
"Don't touch me!" I yelled and Alex got up and put me behind him.
"Serena, come back home. Leave these pathetic humans alone, you deserve a prince who can give you everything." Damion smirked.
"They're good people." I protested.
"They're just humans love." he whispered. I felt Alex stiffen and I stepped in front of him. I remembered the way Alex's lips felt against mine and how i alive I felt with him. I couldn't give that away, he makes me whole.
"Go home Damion. Tell my father I am following after my mother. I am not returning with you. I am sorry goodbye." I said and shut the door. Alex and his Grandmother looked confused.
"It might be time to explain to her where I'm from." I told Alex with a smile.

I explained everything to Alex's grandma and she went to bed baffled.
"Why did you stay?" Alex asked and sat in front of me on his bed.
"You." I whispered.
"Oh?" he smiled.
"Shut up, I told you I would stay." I said feeling myself blush. He smiled and stroked my cheek he leaned forward again and pressed his lips to mine. This kiss lasted longer. The way his lips moved with mine felt like magic. He pulled away and kissed my forehead.
"Thank you." he said and I pressed my lips to his.
"Go to sleep little mermaid." he smiled and we laid down and he fell asleep instantly. He was so handsome. I was now starting to believe that I truly love this boy I had only met three days ago. I feel so close to him, like I've known him my whole life and not just three days. I snuggled closer to him and let myself drift off to sleep.

When I woke up and he was gone. I pulled on a sweater and went into the living room and there he was cooking with his grandma.
"Oh, look the little mermaid has awoken!" He smiled.
"Good morning dear."
"Good morning to you both." I smiled and Alex pulled me to him for a big hug and kiss. I blushed knowing his grandma was right there.She laughed.
"Ah, I think its time Serena has moved into the guest room."
"But grandma." Alex whined. She laughed and said she'd have it ready by tonight. I nodded and we ate breakfast.

About an hour and a half later Alex and I went for a run. We jogged for about and hour. We went up to the cliffs and sat down watching the waves for another hour. We kissed a lot. Then we went back to the house and helped his Grandma with my new room.

It looked a lot like Alex's but instead of being all grey it was stripped with teal. The bed was centered and the window had a small bench that was built into it. Alex helped me put all my clothes in my closet. After we were done with my room we went and ate lunch. We played video games for the next few hours and I learned that I really suck at the.
"Its 10:40 children time for bed." Alex's Grandma said. We sighed and kissed each other goodnight. Those two days were the most memorable days that I have ever spent on land. I was so glad to have met Alex. I felt like nothing could go wrong with him around. Everything was simply perfect.

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