Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt.2


Chapter 1


I am going to cry my eyes out in the movies!! I don't want you to go HARRY POTTER, I LOVE YOU!
Thank you J.k Rowling for making such great books and To Emma, Daniel, Rupert, and the whole cast and crew for doing such an awesome job!
The story may end now, but the legend will continue in our hearts. Harry Potter is now a piece of everyone here.
Harry Potter will always live on. Maybe she will write a book about their kids and the adventures. Maybe one of us might be in that movie.
But the best thing to do is hold on the Harry Potter and never forget the wonders the film has done to everyone!
Thank you J.K Rowling for everything. With out you, there wouldn't be any Potter Heads!!
We love you guys forever!


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