This is a story about growing up in one of the most feared and hated families in the wizarding world. This is about Sophronia Black, a shy third year Ravenclaw who feels constantly shadowed by her successful family members. She was always dreaming of becoming something great, having friends, living. When she meets her rebel cousin, can he help her achieve her secret goals? And can she, in turn, teach him the importance of family.
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Chapter 1


Sophronia Black kept her head down, trying to drown out the harsh voice of Talmadge Black, her father, and Lavinia Black, her mother, who were currently yelling at her brother, Evander Black, for socializing with a muggle girl.
"I was just being cordial!" protested Evander. For this Sophronia was grateful, for sometimes she feared for her older brother, and she was glad he was able to defend his actions.
"That's what it always starts out as, doesn't it?" sneered Lavinia. "Then next thing you know, she's pregnant, and you're blasted off the family tree! Is that what you want, Evander? For you to besmirch the name of the noble and most ancient house of Black? Well? Do you, boy?"
"No, mother. There will be no besmirching of any kind." smirked Evander.
"Are you mocking your mother?" asked Talmadge in a dangerous voice. "How dare you!" Before Evander could respond, he had smacked him across the face, immediately marking it with a red mark. Sophronia gasped and jumped up as to help him, but Talmadge snapped at her. "Stay put, girl!"
She sat immediately, her hands shaking, which they did every time she got nervous, which was becoming increasingly often.
Now, go to your room, Evander, and I don't expect to hear of you disrespecting us like that ever again. Do you understand, boy?" he yelled in poor Evander's face.
"Yes," said Evander firmly. Soph wanted to hug him. Her amazing, brave older brother with a bruise forming on his cheek and tears welling up in his black eyes, he never showed his pain or anger.
Evander stood and strode from the room, never revealing any emotions, like a true Black would do. Soph wished she could do that. Her emotions were obvious to anyone; her hands shook whenever she got nervous, she got flushed when she was angry, she stammered and her eyes shifted often when she was uncomfortable, and her eyes took on a droopy, depressed look when she was holding back tears. She watched him leave the room, wishing to Merlin that she, too, was going up to her room, away from here. No one wanted to be around her parents when they were upset.
"Sophronia," her mother said. "Don't forget we are going to Aunt Walburga and Uncle Orion's house tomorrow for a family gathering. What dress are you going to wear?"
Soph blinked. It always through her off-guard when her parents switched gears so quickly.
"Umm, I was planning on wearing the red one. Is that okay?" she said quietly. She liked the red dress. It was modest, with a neckline that hid all cleavage and the hem went to her knees, made out of a soft cotton.
"Oh, no, no, all wrong." dismissed Lavinia with a wave of her hand. "You must wear the satin blue one. It makes you look more sophisticated, which is what we're going for at the event. Also wear the diamond necklace that your grandmother bought you. She will be attending and will be offended if you are not wearing it."
"Yes, ma'am." said Soph obediently, though inwardly, she sighed. She hated the blue dress, but there was no use arguing with her mother. She quietly excused herself and went up the grand staircase to her brother's room.
She knocked, them let herself in. Evander sat with his back to the door.
"Ev?" she whispered tentatively.
He turned to face her, and she had to stifle a gasp. His face was already bruised, and there was a definite trickle of blood making a line down his face.
"Oh, Merlin." she breathed, then knelt by his side, pulling out her wand.
She conjured a cloth and wiped at the blood, clearing it off. She then turned and said, "Accio Bruise paste!" and her tub of bruise paste flew in. She dabbed it on his cheek, and said, "Now, leave that on there for two hours, and the bruise will disappear. You don't want that bruise there tomorrow at the event, do you?"
He nodded and looked at her with awe. "That was brilliant," he said, grinning at her. "Have you ever considered becoming a Healer?"
She blushed and ducked her head shyly. "Yes," she said softly. "But I don't dare tell mum. She wouldn't approve."
His brow furrowed. "Why do you care?" he asked. "She can't stop you, if that's what you really want."
"Well, I wouldn't want to go against her anyways. She's family, you know."
"Yea, of course. But even family can be wrong sometimes."
She busied herself by putting on the cap for the bruise paste and standing up. "I'll leave you to rest. Night, Ev."

Once in her room, she collapsed on her king sized bed. She had quite a nice room, actually, The floor was marble, and though very cold on her bare feet in the morning, it made for a very polished look. The whole room was a dark purple color with silver swirls decorating the walls, and dark blue curtains with tiny silver stars covering it. She had a huge bookcase covering half of her wall, filed with Hogwarts textbooks, historical text, biographies, bibliographies, and personal narratives about famous wizards. She didn't have any fiction stories, prefer to read about things that actually happened, as apposed to fairytales that people just wish would happen. Fiction had happy endings, and she knew from experience, that stories don't end happily ever after, and anyone who says otherwise is just lying to you. She had large windows at the far end of her room with a window seat underneath, where she often sat on and watched the stars in the sky, wishing she could shine as bright as them. She had a large mirror which she hated, feeling that mirrors provided reasons to hate herself, her pale skin that looked that she avoided all sun, her silver eyes that looked unnatural, and her birthmark on her shoulder that was shaped like a small half-moon. She had a huge closet, filled with fancy dresses for fancy occasions, regular dresses for regular occasions, lacy nightgowns for every night, and multiple versions of her neat little Hogwarts uniform. She didn't own any pants or jeans, no sweatpants or sneakers. She was dressed for tea all day of every day, except in school, where she wore the same clothes as everyone else, which she appreciated, though at night and in the common room when she wasn't wearing her uniform, she knew people talked about her outfits, asking each other why she never wore 'regular clothes'.
She didn't have any crumpled up socks on the floor, no scuffed up sneakers in the corner, not even a speck of dust on her books. Most of the time, she appreciated they could afford such conditions, but sometimes, just sometimes, she wished that she could be normal, just for once. Just for once, she wished that she could sleep in, then come downstairs in sweatpants and a tank top, pour herself a bowl of cereal, and inform her parents that she was going to town with some friends, but no worries, she would be home in time for family movie night. But she forced herself to stop imagining that life, it was just to unrealistic.
She changed into a lavender nightgown and crawled under her magenta comforter, praying tomorrow wouldn't be terrible.
She was a horribly quiet girl, shy and smart. She was a third-year Ravenclaw with little to no friends for two reasons. One, that she was hopelessly quiet, and while people tried to talk to her when she was first sorted, they eventually decided she was acting like she was to good to talk to them, so they stopped. And two, because she was a Black, and virtually ignored because everyone decided she was evil and planning to kill her in her sleep or something equally ridiculous, so they shouldn't talk to her ever.
And she was fine with that. She wouldn't know what to do with a friend anyways.

A/N: So....? I had read a story on mugglenet that showed a little girl in the Black family, and it inspired me to write this story, so I can't take credit for the idea falling from the sky and hitting me in the eye. But considering it's a new story, I'd like any input you might have for me. So comment and tell me what you think! Thanks guys :)

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