10 Things Guys Wish Girls Knew

Girls, this is for you. They took a survey and this is what guys wish all girls knew.

Chapter 1

10 Things Guys Wish Girls Knew

1. Just because a guy calls you, doesn't mean he wants you to be his girlfriend.
2. Guys think that you're much prettier without make-up.
3. Guys get embarrassed when you act spazzy or giggly.
4. Gossiping, whispering, and writing notes makes you look beyond shallow.
5. Boys worry about what you think of their looks.
6. PMS is no excuse to be mean.
7. Talking about your "big" butt is boring.
8. Tight clothes make you look cheap, desperate, and a little insecure.
9. Most boys are looking for the "right" girl, and are not going to date just anybody.
10. If you like him, TELL HIM...


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