Don't Stop Believing!!(Hogwarts story)

Me and Alli wanted to write a story because we are bestest friends:)

Chapter 4

class wif praffesser McG

[AN: fick of u dum azzs!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 dont h8 dadni & mines strory bcuz u r jellous!!!!!!!!!!11]

i see Rom comin ova to meh in da grate hall so i ran up 2 da grifigdor commen room & changes oyut of mi ugly skool cloths (they rn't as ugly on meh tho aqs they r on otha peeple) in2 a pink tanktop wif NO STRAPS & A NECkleace with a big pic of Justin Beiber on my necki. i putt on a relly hawt shlort skirt with made off denim and it haz a pic of proffessar flitwik in da shower (bcuz he makez me think hez HAWT) on da butt. it made my butt look HUGE AND NICER THEN USUal. i put 7 braclets on each finger bcuz mi fingers r relly long & have flowers painted on dem. i put on 3 earings 2 butteflies 1s and 1 wif a kitten (meow!!!!!1). i put on 13 itch heels on mi feet (were else wud they go?) and panted my tloe nails gass green.

i than put allot of swexy mak-up on mi face. i put LOts of eyelinear on & my eyes lookeD HUGE and smexy. i i put a lil bit of eyshadows on meh eye......................purple of curse. then i put on pink lips lk prety and snexily put some white fundation on mi face bcuz i thught that steph loookd kind iof prety wif it so i did it on mi own face. then i putt some spray tan ALLL OVER MI BOODY And i lciked awsome!!!!!1 so i went down 2 da grate hall and saw Ron start walkin over 2 meh & we kissd each otha relly potionately!!!1 til we had to go tlo professsar McG's class

rRon & i walkled ova 2 da class but we was l8 bcuz McG starts da class twenty munites early today!!

"i frogat McG! im sorreh!" i lied bcuz i dindt forgret i just lick gettin there l8 bcuz McG is kewl lick that
"sit down lil bitcvh" she saID WIsely. bcuz she licks me we swear alot at & r gud freinds. i like gettig deterition with her bcuz she gives meh new cloths bcyuz she used 2 be a disigner of cloths..
"okie" i sad while sitttin down on mi desk and Rron sat acruss teh room with harri nd a cuple goffs nammed Darkness and steve. i saw a cut guy but he wuz goff with blood redd hare nd grean eyes like mine (i fograt to mension that mi eyes r greean lik draco's) and i assed him wut his name wuz when professar McG went to the witch bathroom (c? i know harri pottr peeopel r calld witchs nd wizrads).

"mi names drako i fink" he said
"u fink? u doint know ya name????" i said & felt bad 4 him
"no. its mi 1st dayo at hoewaste nd i lust mi name tag" he strated cruing so i told him nut 2 cry bcuz i h8 crybabys. he stpoped cryibg.

pProfessa McG came bak and washd her hands then tught us sum Histroy butt i got boared & startd making uot wif ron insted. finely class wuz ova & harri has to get reddy for his date wif Strep or hel'l be l8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

[AN: danbi s tiurn againnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

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