Friends friends friends what would we do without them! ;)

Chapter 1

100 friends!!!! :D

by: Earia
Hello guys!!! Finaly I've reached 100 friends!!!! Yay!!! It might not be such a big deal but it's important for me to thank all of you for making Quibblo the most awsome site online! Without you it wouldn't be the same!

You talk to me when I'm bored,
you make me laugh when I'm ready to cry,
you comment on my quizzes, stories and profile,
you make amazing quizzes and stories for me to read and take,
So I believe making an account in here wasn't a mistake!

XD Lol!!!! XD

When I talk with you I kmow that some things are still right in this world and people fight for what they believe to make a change! In here I've met people who don't care being themselves and are aware of the greatest values of life!

I know that here are some mean people but I'm proud to say that non of them is my friend and that we all hate cyber-bullying!

Soooo... Thank you for being so perfect! :D


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