This is the story I'm writing called "Fantasy". I'm not going to spoil any of it for you, so please sit back, read, and relax! :)

Chapter 1


by: Embersilk
"But Mom," I cried, practically on my knees. "It's just a journal! It can't cost that much, can it?"
My mother, Annabeth, put her face in her hands and shook her head. "Kylie," she whispered my name quietly. "We have no money for that stuff. Please go back to bed."
"I'm sixteen!" I yelled, my sadness quickly turning into anger. "Don't tell me to go to bed!" I hated the way I treated my mother but it was the only way I could cope with being a stupid poor kid.
"God, can't you just get me one stupid notebook? It'll cost less than three bucks! You're making such a huge deal out of this!"
Mom started to cry. "Kylie, stop. You know we need the money for survival."
The word survival left a hard lump in my throat. "This is bullshit," I said. "I want a journal! I need one! Please, Mom!"
Mom clenched her fists and didn't answer. I felt horrid yelling at her like this. But I had to... I just had to.
"Fine," she said under her breath. She grabbed her tarnished wallet from the cupboards and handed me a ripped five dollar bill. "But just a notebook."
I yanked it from her weak grip. "Yeah, I know," I snapped, turning on my heel and putting my sneakers on. I wrapped my scarf around my neck and put on my too-thin sweater. It would do nothing against the winter winds. "I'm not a kid."
I stomped out the door and slammed it behind me. The eerie silence the slam left behind made me feel guilty and ashamed. It was just a journal... but at the same time it was so much more.
I just wanted someone... something to tell what I was feeling.
Was that so much to ask?
I walked slowly through the cold, deep snow. God, I hated myself. I hated myself so damn much.
My long black hair flew around my face as I ran across the street. Suddenly, I tripped on a big, hard piece of snow and fell face first into the blank whiteness. My arms were out to catch myself just a second too late.
I slowly lifted my face up from the ground. My nose throbbed. I touched it and when I pulled my hand away blood lingered on my fingertips. "God..." I muttered. I felt dazed and dizzy.
I got up and held the bridge of my nose the rest of the walk, and by the time I got to the store I was fine, no blood.
I walked inside and searched around the shop. I came across a nice looking cherry lolipop. I snagged it and shoved it inside my coat. It's not like anyone would notice. Five bucks and a sucker free.
I looked through all the halls, every shelf, every cupboard, but came across no notebooks. I felt like punching someone.
I turned around, disappointed, and headed for the doors, but stopped when something black caught my attention. I made a detour into the corner of the store and, on a single shelf, there sat a pure black notebook with lots of pages. There was a symbol on the front in blood red. It was a circle with another small circle in the middle and spikes covering the bigger one.
I grabbed it and headed for the cashier. She looked about my age with long blonde hair, tanned skin and angel bites. She also had a septum piercing and triples on her ears. When she talked I saw a toungue piercing.
"You're buying this?" She said with a surprised expression on her gorgeous face. She had a nice voice.
"Yes. Why?" I said.
"I don't think that's the best idea..." she said, her voice shaking as she nervously examined the notebook.
"Well don't be all mysterious about it," I muttered. "Why shouldn't I?"
She narrowed her hazel eyes at me. "People that buy this book are always said to be missing from town..." she eyed me. "Forever. And the book always just comes back. Appearing on the shelves."
I rolled my eyes. "You're crazy."
"Nice to know," she said, shooting me the dirtiest look I'd ever seen. I glanced at the book. "Just let me buy it!"
"Fine," she said, scanned the book, took my money and handed me the change. She tossed the book at me. "It's all yours."
"Bad customer service or what?" I said with a smirk. She smirked back. "Not my fault you're suicidal."
I turned on my heel but then stopped and slowly turned around. "What's your name?" I said.
"Hailey," she said, giving me a weird look. "Why?"
I looked away. "Just wondering." And then I left.

As soon as I got home I plopped the change down on the counter and sprinted up the carpeted steps to my room, tripping twice and hitting my knee on a corner. Fail much?
I shut my door quietly behind me and jumped into my computer seat. I went to Google and typed in the appearance of the symbol on the notebook.
One result came up. I clicked it.
Welcome. You're probably here because you've recieved the notebook. And you're most likely wondering what the symbol on the cover is.
I scrolled down.
We aren't going to give you the "many years ago" B.S. so let's continue on. Basically, everyone that has gotten this book has felt the dire need to write their wishes in it. Great, huh? Well, here's the thing; their wishes come true. But not without a price.
Reader, write in it if you dare... but here's the catch: whatever you wish for, you'll get... but you must do the complete opposite.. or you'll be trapped forever in your, let's call it... fantasy.
Good luck.
I closed the screen and eyed the notebook. It sat innocently on my pillow, a pencil sitting right beside it, as if it was eager to be written in.
I swallowed and picked it up. All right, let's try this.
I picked up the pencil, which slipped from my hands a couple times from nervous sweat before I grabbed it tightly and began to write.
God, I'm so glad I found this notebook. It's total bullshit about it coming true. It's just something to write in. So let's begin, shall we?
Mom is so stupid. Making the biggest deal out of money and crap like that. When Dad was here he'd get me everything I wanted, no complaining whatsoever. Can't Mom see that it's okay to spend a little money on living, not just surviving? God, sometimes I wish we were rich.
I couldn't think of anything else to write so I closed the book and shut my lights off. I looked out my stained glass window and saw that the moon was full and the sky was a peaceful dark blue. I plopped down on my pillows and closed my eyes.
I remember just before falling asleep, I heard a horribly familiar voice whisper "I warned you..."


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