Happily Ever After....Yeah Right!

:P Me and Hermione_Jean_Granger7687 are making this.Not A Fanfic.

Chapter 1

Jadyn Laddmer

Well I woke up this morning to see my two brothers,Jack and Aidan,going through my drawers."Great" I thought."You two get out" I said putting a totally fake and cheesy smile on my face while I added"Or I'll rip your arms off and beat you with them"Yeah........They left.I walked over to the mirror and practically screamed.Maybe they didn't leave because of what I said.My dirty blonde hair looked like it should've belonged to the bride of Frankenstein,It was that bad.After I very thoroughly brushed my hair,I went to my dresser and picked out some cute clothes for the day.Jeans and a t-shirt that had Harry Potter and Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger on it.(I always work Harry Potter into my stories!:P :) ) I had actually gone to see that movie last night.I Cried so much I didn't count how many times I cried.It was very sad so you can't hold that against me.I walked downstairs and ........ OMG it was my Aunt Genevieve.I hadn't seen her in so long.I Ran and hugged her."What's the time?" I asked my dad."Uh.... 11:00 A.M." he replied. "You know,you don't have to say A.M. right?"I said.I almost laughed to death.Hey, is that even possible? I didn't really care.

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