A summer like no other :)

hey guys, its Emma (famusduh12) this is chapter 2 of the jonas love story that im doing with Diana (jonasarethebest). i hope u enjoy it!

Chapter 1

Meeting the guest :)

by: em91692
at our house
Emma: arnt u excited! i mean there coming tomorrow!!
Diana: Em, y r u getting so excited?
Emma: the question is y rnt u getting excited?!
Diana: because its just people coming to see Egypt...
Emma: well i love meeting new people! dont u?
Diana: yeah, i guess...
Emma: cmon! theres guys in the family! teenage guys!
Diana: yeah and?
Emma: Dee, cmon! we need boyfriends!
Diana: we dont NEED boyfriends!
Emma: cmon, u know u want one though...
Diana: maybe...
Emma: just admit it, dont lie to me
Diana: maybe it would be nice
Diana: woohoo....
Emma: seriously Dee seriously?
we went to bed ready to meet the new family!
the next day
Diana and i picked up the rest of the stuff and headed to the hotel to wait on the family.
at the hotel
we got our stuff and walked up to the room.
after we got settled, we walked down to the lobby to wait on the family.
about 30 mins later, our director walked up to us with 6 people behind him.
Director: Diana, Emma, this is the family u will be showing around
he said with a smile
"hello, im Denise." the lady said stepping around the director.
"Hi" we both said in unison (sp?)
"Paul" the older man said and stuck his hand out to us.
"Hi, im Emma." i said with a smile and shook his hand.
"and that makes me Diana" she said and shook his hand as well.
What look like the oldest boy said hi to both of us and shook our hands.
And who i assumed was the 2nd oldest went straight to Diana.
And u could tell he was flirting.
Then i guess the 2nd the the youngest came right over to me.
"hi" he said nervously
"Hey" i said.
"So...u excited to see Egypt?" i asked him
"huh, oh umm yeah heh" he said
ugh, he so cute! i thought
then i got brought back into reality when Diana punched me in the arm
"OW!" i said " what was that for?!"
"we need to show them to their room" Diana said
" oh yeah, right" i said.
"alright guys, right this way" Diana said.
we walked them to there rooms to let them get settled.
we then walked into our rooms after telling them about tomorrow.
in the room
"so...whats his name?" i asked Diana
"who?" she said trying to sound confused.
"cmon Dee, the guy u were talking to!" i said.
"oh, Joe" she said blushing.
"oohh, i said. u got a thing for him huh?" i said.
"what?! pssh nooo." she said.
" haha, sure. u like joe" i said
" oh yeah? what about the guy u were talking to?" she asked.
" oh yeah, its Nick." i told her.
"i know u like him" she said.
" yeah whatever" i said blushing
"then how come u both were just standing there looking in eachothers eyes" she said.
"oh that....u saw that?" i asked blushing even more.
"u bet i did!" she said smiling.
we got ready for bed and went to sleep. excited for tomorrow to come.
this really is gonna be a summer like no other!

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