Enslaved: Kidnapped Part 1

Enslaved: Kidnapped Part 1

Bailey Utley goes to a party with her bestfriend Amber in one of the richist blocks in L.A. They are completely excited. Sounds so normal right? Wrong. A night of fun turns into pure hell as Bailey notices that this isn't a normal party. This is bate. And everyone is about to be caught.

Chapter 1

Bleep Happens

I didn't mean to get kidnapped. Really I didn't. I didn't mean for my best friend to die. It wasn't what I had planned. I didn't mean to be caught in a love oval. (Yes a love oval) And I really really didn't mean to fall for my captor. But it was so hard to resist! I didn't mean to do bad. But I couldn't help it. I am only human.
I was sitting on my bed on an average Saturday Night minding my own business while checking my Facebook account. Suddenly my best friend Amber had rung me up. "Bailey? We need to talk." Her tone of voice shown me she was serious, so I had pushed away from the laptop and curled up on my bed. "What's up Amber?" I said. "Well...Bay...there's this party..." I groaned, "Oh no! I know where this is going." She giggled. "Is it at that guy Brad's house again? Huh? I'm not partying tonight. I have to study for my mid-terms." She sighed dramatically. "But Bay! Please. I don't even know these people. All over Facebook people are posting about a huge party going on and I don't know the people who are hosting it." She said desperately. I rolled my eyes. "Then why go?" "It's in Bucksville" She said, mentioning the nickname we gave the rich neighbor hood downtown. "Bucksville? Oh, I don't know Amber... My parents probably won't let me go..." "Puh-leez! Your parents let you go anywhere with me. They think I'm very mature. Bailey I'll owe you big time! We'll go to that stupid Katy Perry concert! I'll pay! Please Bay!" For some reason, we're not sure why, Amber just despises Katy Perry. Something is wrong with her. I always knew she was crazy. "Fine! But I really hope Katy knows I'm doing this for her." She was definiately worth it. "Wooo! Great! Dress to sucess! I'll be there in...oh twenty minutes, okay?" She said excitedly. Before I said anything else she hung up the phone. Twenty minutes to look good enough to go to Bucksville? Wow. That'll be a challenge.
Fifteen minutes later I was totally ready. I was wearing my new pair a white ripped skinny jeans, my sparkly black shirt that I had ripped at the sleeves and my converse boots. My hair, which was the strangest mix of black and red, was curled and volumenized. I was debating on putting it up but I decided to go down. Then I added some mascara and eyeliner. (Even though my eyelashes are super long. Amber thinks I should be a pink freak girly girl. I definately have the look) I picked up my phone with my newly painted deep gray nails, two minutes left. But knowing her she'll probably be- "Bailey!" Oh Lord, speak of the Devil. "Let's see how you-" She opened the door, purse in hand, wearing pink and tight jeans like myself with her mouth wide open. She sighed, placed one hand on her hip (her nails were a bright neonish pink.) and said, "This won't work." I looked down at myself. Was I missing something she saw? "What's wrong?" She walked over to me and took me in again. "No, no, no. You look better than me! This can't work. I either have to look better or equivialent. Who told you how to dress?" Then she rushed to my mirror and spent the next ten minutes improving her look. Let me tell something. Just between me and you...It didn't work. "You know what!? Just freaking forget it! Guys know a good-looking GIRL when they see it." She wasn't really mad. Well okay maybe a little. I have a history of doing my tomboy look. I'd be pissed if I was her too. I grabbed my things as we rushed to her car. A pink convertibal. Go figure. We hopped in and then we were off to Bucksville to meet boys, dance like were crazy and have a hangover for a week! Woo!
Party light shone outside and the house was jumping with music. The house was impressive itself, it was one of the really big mini mansions that you would imagine some old people would live in. Amber's darj brown eyes shone with excitement. Her dirty blond hair, which was more blond than brown was straight against her mini and cute (despite my style) pink jacket. Underneath that she wore a zebra print shirt and some cute (surprise surprise) pink skinny jeans with some high heels on. She took one look at me and quickly I said, "Race you to the door! If i win, you have to take off one article of clothing!" She smiled mischeviously, "Puh-leez. I was going to do that anyway." Then I jumped straight out of her car and ran for the door. I'm fast but Amber is faster too. Even in heels. And I lost. I admit defeat. "Okay, you lost. So now I want you to..." She placed a finger on the side of her mouth and thought. I was on the ground out of breath. Her eyes flashed to mine and she smiled. Oh no. I'm scared. "I want you to go talk to him." She said, pointing behind me. I turned my head slightly and my heart dropped. The guy was hot. No doubt about it. His hair was amazing. That's what I first noticed. It was brown but it had long streaks of blond in it. It was also in a mini mohawk. He wore a black button up shirt and a jacket. His jeans were denim and awesome. And his eyes were forest green. God he was hot. And he was chatting up with some other guy who was less attractive. I looked at Amber wide-eyed. " No way!" Amber smiled at me mischeviously. "You have to!" I shook my head fiercly. Was she high? I couldn't, just couldn't go and talk to that eye-candy. I would probably say something stupid, like always when I'm talking to a hot guy. Guys that looked that handsome, amazing-looking, hot, sexy, cute did not and I repeat, did not talk to nor awknowledge girls like me. I looked amazing tonight, but if I got into a "pick me up and let's go" status with him (as if) then he would be creeped out by my boyish style. "We didn't shake on it!" I yelled histerically, trying to make up an excuse. She shook her head. "We never shake on it silly Bailey. That's for babies. Now GO!" She pulled me up from the ground and straightened my hair up and gave me a lipgloss check. Then she turned me around and pushed me in his direction. I had the choice of not doing what she wanted but if I did she'd never let it go and she'd be angry at me. Not that I let her walk all over me. I walk toward him slowly and when I was at least a foot away I said, "Excuse me," He stopped talking to his buddy and I got a close look at him. He was hot from a distance. He was blistering up close. He turned and looked at me, taking me in up and down and smiling to himself. "my friend won a dare (that's what I was calling it) and she forced me to come talk to you." I said bravely. Standing up tall. He had a private glance at his friend and turned back to me to chuckle. "Oh really?" He answered. Oh gawd! He sounds AMAZING. I felt my face heat up (which showed greatly on me assuming that I was a light skinned cherokee) and my knees began to wiggle. "Um yeah. So um can you just pretend were in a deep conversation for a few seconds so she'll think something happened? I mean I know I don't know you at all but I'd be really grateful if you would." I had to look away, at anything! I looked at my shoes while biting my bottom lip hard. "I'll do more than that. My name is Kristofer. And this is my bestfriend Jackson. How about we go inside and get aquainted?" He said smiling warmly. I shook my head and moved my hands in front of me motioning no. "Oh no thanks!" I mean I would have LOVED to get very aquainted with him, I was thrilled he was even interested in me but no way I was going to talk to him for longer than I needed. Then I turned on my heel and rushed away toward the watching Amber. "Well how'd it go!? You guys looked like it was going great. He seemed to really like you." I shook my head and thought fast. "Oh well your wrong. He said he had a girlfriend inside." She pouted at me and then crossed her arm and pouted in his direction. "Well," She said, taking my arm and turning me around. "his loss." She opened the door and we were blasted with music, people making out, dancing and talking. She took me inside but before we were completely in I stole a look in his area. He was gone.

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