I Love Death (Gaara Story)

In Da Story: Sasuke did go find Orchimaru so is curently missing. And Naruto already got back from his long 3 year training with Pervy Sage

Why I Named This Story I Love Death:
Gaara's name means "Demon who cares for himself" and the tattoo on Gaara's forehead means "love", which combined with his name means, "I Love Death." Since he only feels alive when he kills, he believes that killing is his reason for being. lol, thats how it WAS anyway. Not anymore.

Chapter 2

Revenge is Sweet

by: ExShinobi
I open my eyes and see light shining through my windows. I get out of bed and walk down to the kitchen to eat. I walk in and see Shikaku, Yoshino, and Shikamaru sitting at the table whispering. They look up at me and I smile.
“Your foods on the counter.” Says Yoshino.
“Thanks.” I say walking over to the counter. I grab my plate and walk over to the table and sit by Yoshino. I quickly eat then go take a shower and get dressed.
I open the door to leave and when Shikamaru comes up behind me.
“Where’s the fire?” He asks laughing. I lightly punch him on the arm.
“I’m… busy.” I say hesitantly walking outside.
“What’s with the sly smile?” He asks. I turn around to look at him, walking backward. I wag my finger at him
“It’s a secret from responsible people.” I say. He laughs and I turn back around, still walking.
“You seem better.” He says. I stop walking and shrug.
“It was 3 years ago.” I say quietly.
“That doesn’t change anything.” He says back. I look at the ground and not say anything for a bit.
“Yeah, I know.” I say, still staring at the ground.
“Hey Eri and Shikamaru!” Yells Naruto. I look up and see Naruto running towards me. I’m thankful the conversations over. Naruto takes on big leap towards me and hugs me. I don’t know what to do, so I hug him back. I pull away a little bit, his arm still resting around my shoulder.
“So what’s up? You guys looked like you were talking about something important.” Says Naruto, looking at Shikamaru. I see Shikamaru slide his hand across his throat. A move that meant, ‘Not a good idea’ or ‘bad question’. I glare at Shikamaru.
“I have something important to do.” I say. “What about you?”
“I was bored so I just decided to come over.” He shrugs then looks at me. “Are you going to-“
“Shhh! Shikamaru’s still here.” I say, eyeing Shikamaru. He smiles.
“What are you two up to?” He asks. I smile evilly.
“Nothin much.” I say, taking Naruto by the arm and walking away. “Me and my partner in crime have to go.” I say, pulling Naruto behind me. Shikamaru laughs.
“No setting things on fire!” He yells after us.

“Kiba is currently in the park. And I have the goods” Reports Naruto. I nod smiling. “So what’s the plan chief?”
“We blow the dog whistle a couple times, causing him to go crazy. Then when he’s panicking, we stick him in the dog crate.” I say, smiling triumphantly. Naruto rubs his hands together and nods. “Battle stations!” I say.

Naruto’s hiding behind a bush a ways from Kiba, and I’m in the tree above him. And let me tell you it was not easy! I give Naruto the thumbs up from my position and he nods. Naruto blows on the dog whistle causing Kiba to franticly look around, and cupping his hands over his ears. I jump out of the tree with the dog cage. I land in front of Kiba, and his face was priceless! I shove him in the cage and lock it. Naruto runs over to us laughing. Kiba scowls at us.
“THIS is what you get for the pudding!” I say laughing at him.
“I see you have Naruto on your side.” He growls.
“Yup, I told him my situation, and he gladly agreed.” I say.
“Haven’t you ever heard: the tree of revenge does not carry fruit?” Asks Kiba, smiling.
“Fruit? I’m not getting revenge on you for the fruit!” I say innocently. Naruto laughs with me.
“I gotta go Eri. Talk to ya later!” Says Naruto, jogging away.
“Kay!” I yell after him. I look at Kiba for a second. “You look pathetic.”
“Then let me out.” He says laughing. I shrug and let him out. As soon as the cage door opens, Kiba jumps out and tackles me. He pins my wrists above my head.
“Here’s my revenge.” Kiba says, and kisses me. His kiss is hungry, his lips soft. He pulls away, but doesn’t let go of my wrists. I smile and shake my head.
“You play a dirty game.” I say. He laughs, his grip on my wrists loosening. I pull my arms free and over turn him, me now pinning him down.
“You have me, now what?” He asks, daring me. I lean so close our lips almost touch. He leans forward, but I pull back, smirking.
“But I play dirtier.” I say getting off him, and walking away.

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