I Love Death (Gaara Story)

In Da Story: Sasuke did go find Orchimaru so is curently missing. And Naruto already got back from his long 3 year training with Pervy Sage

Why I Named This Story I Love Death:
Gaara's name means "Demon who cares for himself" and the tattoo on Gaara's forehead means "love", which combined with his name means, "I Love Death." Since he only feels alive when he kills, he believes that killing is his reason for being. lol, thats how it WAS anyway. Not anymore.

Chapter 3

Mission! Gaara of the Sand

by: ExShinobi
The Next Day

“Eri!” I look behind me and see Sakura running to me.
“Yeah?” I say, waiting for her.
“Lady Tsunade wants you. So I came to escort you.”
“Kay.” I say, letting her lead me away.

Sakura opens the door for me and I walk in and see Shikamaru, Lady Tsunade, Kiba, and another person standing beside Lady Tsunade. Sakura closes the door, leaving the five of us alone. My eyes look over everyone, and stop on the guy beside Lady Tsunade. He has red hair, green eyes, and the character for love painted on the left side of his forehead.
I stand in front of her desk, me and Shikamaru’s shoulders touching, and Kiba on the other side of me. Lady Tsunade looks at me.

“You have a mission.” She says. Shikamaru stiffens and I grab his hand. “You are to escort the Kazekage back to the Sand Village.”
“Are there any th-threats?” I ask. Shikamaru squeezes me hand. Lady Tsunade nods and I stiffen.
“You will be accompanied with Kiba.” She says.
“What about Shikamaru?” I ask hopefully. She shakes her head.
“Just Kiba.” I nod. “Go get packed and come back here.” Lady Tsunade Says. Me and Kiba nod. “Shikamaru, you’re excused too.”
Shikamaru, still holding my hand, pulls me out of there, Kiba walking the opposite way.

When we’re almost home, Shikamaru stops and grabs my shoulders.
“You’ll be careful right?” He asks. I smile.
“Duh.” I say.


After I’m done packing I walk out the door and see Kiba waiting for me.
“Ready?” He asks.
“As ready as I’m gonna get.” I muttur.

We meet the guy we’re supposed to be protecting outside the Hokages building. I nod at him.
“I’m Eri Himitsu, 17, Chunin.” I say.
“I’m Kiba Inuzuka, 16, Chunin.” Says Kiba.
“I’m Sabaku no Gaara, 17, Kazekage to be.” Says Gaara.
“Eri… can I talk to you?” Asks Kiba. I nod. We take a few steps away from Gaara. “I know what happened to team 11, everyone does, but Shikamaru told me about you always visiting their graves, and the nightmares, and the voices, and that you sometimes get sucked back into the memories.”
“W-we should go.” I whisper. I walk back to Gaara, my legs like jelly.
“You alright? You’re pale.” Says Gaara. I snap back to my old self as best as I can.
“It’s no big deal.” I murmur. Kiba tries to grab my arm, but I take a step away, and Gaara looks at us weird.
“Let’s go.” I say.

3 Hours Later

“Where’s Akamaru?” I reluctantly ask Kiba.
“He hurt his leg so he can’t go on missions for a bit.” He says. Gaara’s walking in front of us, me and Kiba walking side by side.
“About Team 11… why-why do you visit their graves all the time.” Asks Kiba. I see Gaara’s head turn towards us slightly.
“Because they were my teammates, we were team 11. They shouldn’t have di-“ I stopped, and looked away. “It would probably be safer if one of us were in front of Gaara.” I say and quickly walk in front of him. I hear Kiba mumble sure.

A Few Hours Later

“let’s stop for the night at the hot springs hotel.” I say to Kiba and Gaara. Kiba nods and we check in. We put our stuff down.
“Want to go in the hot springs Gaara?” Asks Kiba.
“No.” Gaara says. Kiba looks at me and I nod. He smiles and leaves, off to the hot springs. I sigh and look through the rooms in case of any threats. I walk back into the same room as Gaara.
“It’s clear.” I tell him.
“Thanks.” Says Gaara.
“No problem.” I say. I sit on the floor with my back against the wall, facing Gaara. I close my eyes.

“Victory is always possible for the person who never refuses to stop fighting.”

My eyes fly open and I lean forward, breathing hard. Gaara stands, looking at me.
“Eri?” He asks. I take another breath and look up at him.
“Yeah?” I ask. A drop of water hits my arm, and I feel my face. Tears? Oh no! I think. I quickly stand up and smile. “Sorry, I fell asleep, I should have been watching.” I say, backing up. “I’ll go check the rooms again.” I say quickly walking into another room.
“O-ok.” I hear Gaara say.

I slowly walk through the rooms taking my time, but still listening in case. I feel sick.. I return to Gaara. He opens his mouth but there’s a noise outside. I slowly creep by the door. It opens and someone stumbles in. I quickly pull out a kunai and get behind the person, pressing the kunai to their neck.
“Eri, it’s me.” Says Kiba. I quickly let go and mutter a sorry. I put my kunai knife back in my pocket. And step away from behind him. Kiba turns around smiling, then frowns.
“You look sick.” He says. His eyes get wide. “Did you have the dream?” He asks loudly. I look at Gaara and he’s watching me. I look back at Kiba and frown at him.

“It doesn’t matter.” I say walking away. Kiba grabs my wrist.
“Eri.” He warns. I sigh.
“Yeah, I did.” I say.
“Are you alright.” He asks. I smile my fake smile.
“100 percent.” I say, and walk away.

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