A Sasuke Love Story

A Sasuke Love Story

This is obviously a Sasuke love story :) so I'm a huge sasuke fan and decided to share my imagination with others to enjoy <3

Chapter 1

Going Home

by: _Haru_
So your name is Miyune (me-you-neh) Ichinose (ee-chee-no-s-eh) and she is brave, clever, funny, caring, strong, beautiful, and sensitive. Her and Sasuke haven't met yet. She is like Sasuke because she went away for a while to the Star Village while her family and the Ichinose clan stayed home in the Grass Village. Itachi killed them all.

That's how you look :) brown hair, and oddly your eyes change color :p LOL anyway today you go back home and find out the terrible truth..........

I'm so excited! I have missed mamma and poppa soo much! I can't wait for them to see all my new jutsu!

(You arrive home finally, you were only seven like how Sasuke was when his clan was killed by Itachi too, but you knew where you were headed and good places to hide)

"Mom, dad I'm home!"

(No answer)

Where is everyone? Lemme look around.

(2 hours go by and you find horrifying sights)

Everyone is dead! Mom dad, everyone! Who did this?! Why?! When?! I should've never left!

(You couldn't bear anymore pain, so you wandered around crying and heart broken. You fall asleep by a tree with hot dry tears on your cheeks from frustration. You wake up in a new place....)

"Hey! She's awake! Shhh!.....hello, I'm the Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves--"

"Village Hidden in the Leaves?"

"Yes, you are in the Village Hidden in the Leaves, what is your name? What were you doing in the forest alone?"

"My name is Miyune Ichinose. My family sniff sniff was murdered so wandered away."

I started crying and couldn't stop, it hurt so much.

He wiped my tears away.

"Sweetheart, don't cry. We know about that, and we are trying to find out who did it. We'll let you know as soon as we find out. In the meantime you can live here with me and attend the Ninja Academy, if you like?"

I was so happy to hear that I got a place to stay and go to ninja school!

"Yes! Yes! Thank you so much!" I told him, then I hugged him and he chuckled. I knew I'd be taken care of.

Well this is my first story so I hoped you liked! Comment and rate please :) Chapter 2 coming soon!


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