I'm not having fun anymore..(1)(pokemon_girl please read this)

Chapter 1

Im not having fun..

Writings no longer a pleasure to me guys, I've lost my imaginative touch.
I hate to say this, even tho half of you guys don't know her, but jenifer50 dang, I can't even remember her username! OK, she was my best friend on here, we wrote a Jonas story together, and it's just not the same, she said something kinda mean one day that made me grow up a bit, it's the reason I hate Joe right now, and have for a little while.
Her name was Jordyn and she's a year younger then me, but she was always mature a year ahead of me, and I was a year behind, and everything was perfect.
Here's a list of stories I'm ending, and giving away.
Big Time Secrets(Anybody want it? Message Me.)
The Tale Of Two Jacksons(pokemon_girl you can have it, Message me and I'll give you the deats.)
I'll continue my dilemma, and I loathe you. My dilemma will be hardcuz it isnt finished, but i loathe u is.
What I want to do is get back to my roots, where story writing wasnt about comments, it was about fun, and the only way I;m gonna do that is by writing about my fav movie, Camp Rock, and I need all jonas fans help!! I got some ideas, but I'm still stumped.
Will you help me please??


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