Gods I Love That Kid

I've noticed people arent really doing the whole of the Percy Jackson series justice so I'm making myself into this story as best as I can while still keeping the characters as much the same as ever :)

Chapter 1

Well This is New...

"Here's your schedule. Your locker number, combo, and homeroom are all on there. Welcome to Yancy Academy," a bored, middle-aged looking man with a "receding hairline" handed me a slip of paper that had my name printed on the top in bold, capital letters. FELICITY DUESO. Cool.
I looked for locker 37 in the halls. Luckily for me, it was near my homeroom, Room 7. I dropped my backpack in the empty locker and grabbed my books for... Latin, pre-algebra, and Spanish, according to my schedule. Jesus. I hate Mondays. I sat through homeroom not even listening til the teacher invited me up to the front of the class.
I had decided that this term, this school, I was going to reinvent myself. I was going for "perky cheerleader." It’s stupid now that I think about it. So anyway I walked to the front of the front of the class. I confronted them with my golden amber eyes and told them. "I'm Felicity Dueso. I came here from Carlisle Pennsylvania. I have a cat and two dogs. I'm 12,13 next month." I returned to my seat and opened a book. The teacher resumed talking and I resumed ignoring her. I stared at the sickly green colored linoleum floors. There was a spider in the front making its way up the wall. I cheered it on in my head.
As far I know, transferring in, especially so late in the year, isn't cool. Yet for some reason, when the bell rang some hot guy a few inches taller than me with dark curly hair and pretty blue eyes offered me an escort. He had one of those cute butt chins. Could I say no?
He told me his name was Lior. He'd been a transfer too but that was like, a bazillion years ago. We had the same Latin class together and he sat next to me. I could hear choirs singing up in heaven somewhere. When I got back down to Earth, I looked up to find my Latin teacher was a cripple.
His name was Mr. Brunner. He did a little review for me and was surprised to find that I knew some things about ancient Greece, which we were studying. He pressed me for more after that, always calling on me and some Percy kid that always seemed out of it. This may surprise you, but I'm dyslexic and have ADHD. I use to hate it, and I read more than all the other kids combined, trying to get my braid to cooperate. It still hasn't to this day.
Lior and I parted ways when I had pre-algebra, but he had one of his friends show me there. His name was something weird like Tad.
By the time we got there only two seats were left. One in the back that the Tad kid went towards and one smack dab in the middle between a girl who was eating her pencil (totally legit) and a boy with dark, messy hair. I thought he was the Percy kid from Mr. Brunner's class. His head was down and I couldn't see anything in his lap so I figured he had somehow managed to fall asleep already. That took talent.
Our teacher was a creepy old lady. I've got nothing against old ladies, but if I met this one in an alley, I had a feeling I'd want the cops there with me. Her name was Mrs. Dodds. Even though she was like, 50 years old she was wearing a leather biker jacket. She told us to open our books to page something or other. "Care to join us, Mr. Jackson?" she called to the Percy kid. He lifted his head and turned his book to the same page she had instructed us to go to. Then she came to me.
She smiled a sneer that could curdle dairy. "Honey, did Mr. Brunner tell you about out field trip tomorrow?" I shook my head. "No, actually he didn't." She slapped a permission slip on my desk. "Bring it to me before 8 o'clock tomorrow and you can go," she snarled. I nodded. The rest of the class was boring stuff I had already learned at the last school but I followed what everyone else was doing by flipping pages and pretending to read.
Class ended and I began to pack up my things. I turned to the girl who I had sat next to. "Could you by chance tell me how to get to Spanish?" I asked in earnest. She wrote directions on a piece of paper and I got there with barely a minute to spare. Again there were few seats but I recognized the Percy kid from my first two classes. "Hola!" I said to him. He gave me a strange look. "What? it's Spanish class! They can't yell at you for talking in Spanish," I pointed out. "Me llamo Felicity." "No last name for your new friend? Me llamo Percy Jackson," he replied. "Ok, Percy Jackson. Me llamo Felicity Dueso. Bueno?"
"Bueno," he agreed.
When lunch rolled around, I walked in with Percy and met Grover, Percy's best friend. I was in the lunch line buying lunch when I spotted Lior waving me over. I turned my back till I had bought lunch, put it down next to Percy's, and then came over. "Yes?" I asked. "Come sit with us." It was an order, not an invitation. I shook my head. "No thanks," I turned to go but he grabbed my tiny wrist. "Look, I get you're trying to be all noble and sit with the social outcasts thing, but seriously. Good-looking people like us are above them," he said, smiling with perfectly white teeth. It was almost... Unreal.
I slipped my wrist from Lior's grasp and returned to Grover and Percy. "What was that all about?" Grover said with a nervous laugh. I just tossed my sleek blonde hair over my shoulder. "It was him hitting on me, that's all," I continued. "He was also bashing you guys, calling you social outcasts." Percy mumbled curses under his breath. "And he said hot girls like you are above us? I hate that self-righteous jerk," Percy was ranting at this point. "Chill, ok? He isn't worthy of my time," I concluded. "Damn straight," Grover agreed with another nervous bleat. I was guessing that was just part of the deal with this kid.
After lunch Percy continued to show me around. The only time we weren’t together was study hall, which was by homeroom. Grover was in my homeroom so we worked on homework together. We were on English when one of Lior's minions summoned me. Grover waved me on. I shrugged and followed the minion. What I got was not what I expected. The second we reached the hall I was pinned against the wall. Lior's face was inches from mine. I will admit I was scared. I wasn't pee-myself scared, but scared enough for it to show in my eyes.
He put his hand on my neck. I lifted my chin, trying to overrule fear with confidence. He whispered in my ear. "What yourself. New York can be quite unpredictable," then he placed his lips on my cheek in a soft, lingering kiss. Then he released me. I went straight back to Grover and told him what happened. "He claimed you," Grover did the nervous laugh again. I raised eyebrow. "If any other boy even thinks about you without asking Lior, his gang will beat him senseless. I shouldn’t have let you go..." I elbowed Grover. "God, you sound like my mother. If you hadn't let me go now he would have just cornered me after school. Which homeroom is Percy in?" I was worried Lior's guys were going to hurt him. Grover pretty much read my mind. "I'll check in with him and let you know." He then wrote down "Please write your phone number so I may call you or text you. I'll give you mine and Percy's." Grover had surprising handwriting. It was loopy and elegant. I smiled and returned the note with my info under the desk.
When the day was finished I went outside and looked for my mom's familiar little red Volvo. Lior was waiting for his ride. He stood next to me. He may as well have had his arm around me because of the possessive way he treated me. My mom pulled up before his and I hopped in. "Making new friends?" She teased. "Mom! Not ok," I snapped at her. She laughed. She turned up the radio and let me belt it out. "Just like your father," she mumbled. "Hey, Mom?" I turned the radio down. "There's this field trip thing tomorrow-" "Hun, just give me the paper I'll fill it out." "Thanks, Mom! Also, is it cool if I hang out with my new friends tomorrow afternoon?" I had a feeling that I wouldn't be going straight home tomorrow and I didn't want my mom to worry.
At around 4 o'clock Grover texted me, saying he and Percy made it home okay. I texted back so they knew I got it. Percy texted me a few minutes later. "Hey its Percy" I quickly texted back. "Hey it’s that hot grl whos above u ;)" "Haha its that dude u met @ skool 2day" He responded. "Try not to get beaten up b4 I c u 2morow k?" "Grrr" I see I hit a nerve with this one. "C u 2morrow?" "Yeah"
Before I went to bed I made Mom fill out the permission slip and told her I had to go in early. She nodded groggily and we went to bed.


The next morning we left 10 minutes early which meant we got there at 7:50 am. I got the permission slip to Mrs. Dodds with time to spare. She told me she was chaperoning. I smiled and nodded and went to hide in the girl’s bathroom until homeroom started. I was avoiding Lior.
I slid into my seat across the class from him as the ball rang. There was attendance, then announcements and then the field trip. Grover and I walked together and met up with Percy. We all sat in the seat behind the driver so Lior and his people couldn't mess with us. I got window seat, Percy sat in the middle, and Grover sat on the edge, with half his butt hanging off, as he complained to us every other minute. There was a freckly redheaded girl across the aisle from us who kept making rude faces at Percy. I flipped her off when no one was looking.
Mr. Brunner had to sit in the back, poor guy. That was the only way they could get him on and off the bus. He had to deal with all the obnoxious kids in the back. The creepy old Mrs. Dodds (I don’t know how she managed to have that "r" between the "m" and the "s") sat in the middle, which meant that the noise level throughout the bus ride stayed pretty much to a minimum. We were at a museum that Mr. Brunner had picked for the Greek and Roman exhibit. Mr. Brunner looked like a kid in a candy store. The grin never left his face from the time we entered, to the time broke for lunch.
At lunch, with all the wide open space that they could have been sitting, most of the kids sat around a fountain that was spewing water out the top. The day was gloomy and overcast. The redhead, Percy told me her name was Nancy Bobofit, was still being rude. I really thought she got what she deserved, but the way it happened was definitely weird. Percy said he didn’t even remember pushing her, but next thing we knew she was on her butt in the fountain, screaming that Percy pushed her. Mrs. Dodds materialized next to us. She dragged him into the building. Lior saw it as his chance to do the same.
I SO did not come willingly. I was kicking and screaming up a storm, but Lior had his hand over my mouth. I stuck out my tongue, trying to get him to let go but he just dragged me along. Then he somehow managed to climb a three-story tower of boxes and stuff with me in tow. He turned to me. "I'm going to move my hand. If attack me or start screaming, I will knock you out." He did anyway.


When I woke up I was still at the top of the boxes and crates, but when I looked down, I saw Percy, Mr. Brunner, and Grover leaning over something. They were talking too quietly for me to hear, but eventually I saw what they were studying. It was... Me! With blue lips and grey skin! I was dead! The sun had finally come out and was glowing brightly from the window. I was freaking out. How had this happened? Was I a ghost? What was going on? I wasn’t gagged and there was nothing keeping me here so I turned to the window.
It was still overcast. Huh? Then what... I couldn’t see outside anymore. All I could see was a glowing golden reflection of me. I screamed. Behind me, Percy, Mr. Brunner and Grover all looked up. I turned to them and shouted. "WHAT IS GOING ON?!" "Behind you! Watch out!" Percy yelled I turned around again and found myself face to face with Lior. He lifted a strand of my hair. His eyes had become silver and he had claws. "Daughter of Apollo. Should’ve guessed. Well, it’s time for you to meet your Father’s Uncle!" And with that he pushed me off the top of the boxes.
I was freefalling for a good few seconds before someone caught me. It was Lior. But he was just up there! WHAT THE H/E/L/L IS GOING ON?! He threw back his head in laugher. A cold, menacing, chuckle. He dropped my still glowing figure on the cold marble floors I crawled away from him as fast as I could to see him and Mr. Brunner locked in combat. Except he wasn’t confined to his wheelchair. He had hooves and a tail. I think I would’ve passed out if just then Percy, and I could tell it was him, dragged me back. "You OK?" He asked. "Yeah, but what is going on?" I wanted answers.
"We can’t talk now. We have to go with Grover. Mr. Brun- I mean Chiron told us to. My Mom’s coming to get us," Percy told me, helping me to my feet. I shook my head sourly. "OK, but you gots some ’splaining to do. What about my Mom?" "You’re going to call her and tell her that we’re taking you to camp," Percy looked into my golden eyes, and I saw all I needed to. He was in the dark about this too.
"Run. Now," I heard Grover say from outside the museum. A little blue car was waiting for us at the curb. I was the last one in and Percy’s mom didn’t even wait for me to close the door before she put the pedal to the metal. I was pretty sure we were breaking all kinds of laws but there were no cops stopping us. We got to the outskirts of the city when I turned to Grover. "Start talking. Now," I growled. Grover started nervously bleating again and I was about to throttle him when I noticed something strange. "Gr-Grover? Your feet just came off," I said, hearing the quiver in my voice. Based on the way Percy’s mother was driving, I think I was still glowing. I groaned.
"I'm sorry," I said, pulling my hood up around my blonde tresses. "Grover, do you have a blanket or something to cover me with so I’m not so gall dang bright?" I felt something being laid on me. "Better?" I called to Percy’s mom. "Much, thank you," she replied. Her voice was tired. "Are you going to talk to my mom?" I asked her. "Yes, I’m going to go find her just after I drop you off." Percy and Grover were silent. Soon I began to hear a thumping noise.
"Do you hear that?" The silence began to be sickening as the thumping got louder. I was still covered with the blanket, so I couldn’t see anything. I didn’t where we were until the car screeched to a halt. "Go!" Percy’s mom cried in desperation. I got tangled in the blanket so Percy dragged me out. We were at the base of a hill. At the top was a lone pine tree. I couldn’t see anything past it. "Run, all of you," Percy’s mom was out of the car and pushing us up the hill in front of her. The thumping was loud enough now that I thought if I turned around I might see the source. Grover had ditched his feet altogether. I tried not to think about any of it.
As we reached the top of the hill I screamed as something grabbed at me. I slipped in my footing and saw what had been following us. The Minotaur looked like it had just walked out of the Greek Mythology book in my room at home. I shuddered at the thought that it might. My glowing seemed to confuse the beast, which I took as an opportunity to regain my footing and scramble to the top of the hill. The four of us stood at the top, facing the monster that even down the slope 10 feet was still at eye level with us.
Percy drew from his pocket a pen. “Are you crazy?!” I screeched at him. Torrential rain was coming down. I glared into the sky, willing it to stop. It lightened a bit. The second Percy clicked the pen it elongated into a shining sword. Percy was defending all four of us. His mother turned to the three of us kids. "Go! Down on the other side of the hill! You'll be safe," she turned to Percy. "I love you." She kissed his forehead. "Now go!" She shoved us past the tree. "No!" Percy shouted as his mother turned to the beast. It grabbed her and in a flash of amber light, she disappeared. Grover and me were holding him back, but broke free of us, going after the monster.
"Help!" I shrieked. There were people at the base of the hill. "Help us!" Kids started racing at us with swords and shields. One threw Grover a sword. They raced by me off to help Percy. Even unarmed I ran with them. I saw Percy. He was standing over a very dead Minotaur, holding its horn in his hand...
To Be Continued...

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