Gods I Love That Kid

I've noticed people arent really doing the whole of the Percy Jackson series justice so I'm making myself into this story as best as I can while still keeping the characters as much the same as ever :)

Chapter 2

Craziness that we've all come to expect from this sort of thing

... And promptly proceeded to fall over. The kids who had come to help seemed utterly awestruck. "The minotaur? Lucky..." They finally recognized that he was out cold and rushed to him. I was dragging him by his arm when more kids came over the hill with a stretcher. They rushed to push a straw between his lips. I saw a golden substance sliding up through the plastic tube. There was a big sky blue house with white trimmings and they made for it. Okay, this is going to sound really weird but I could have sworn I saw a tail swish as we carried him into a room.
I was ready to have a nervous breakdown when I stared at Percy. "What's happening?" I asked the nearest person who wasn't in the process of caring for Percy. "Oh gods, no one's told you anything, have they?" said a pretty boy with sandy-colored hair and blue eyes. I shook my head. "Come on we'll get you squared away," he said taking my hand gently. I shook my head. "No, I'm not leaving Percy, not when he's like this. Wait what happened to Grover? Where are we? Who are you? What am I? Why am I glowing?" I kept throwing questions at him. "Start from the beginning."
I allowed him to lead me to the hall where he started from the beginning. If you think I'm kidding, I seriously doubt you should be reading this. "You know the story of the Titans and stuff right?" he paused, I nodded. I pulled my arms closer, shivering. I brought my eyes up to meet his. "Well, one of the big differences between the Gods and the Titans is that while the Titans treated humans as vermin, the gods thought so... not quite highly of them, more of that they weren't as lowly. They in fact mated with humans and produced a half-breed, dimi-gods. Can you see where this is going?" I nodded. I wasn't slow. I was raised by a single parent with little to no information about my birth father. We had left the Big House and were walking by the fading glow of the sun.
I was glowing. That could be godly, but I was only half god. And why haven't I ever glowed before? "So how do we know who our holy parent is?" He chuckled when I called the gods "holy." "Well, normally your parent sends some kind of sign, if they feel you're important enough. Or sometimes we can just see reoccurring features. You're no mystery. Your dad claimed you when you started glowing." My thoughts jumped back to Lior's words. "Daughter of Apollo." "You have his eyes, you know," the boy told me. I was startled. My mother used to say that. It always filled me with warmth. But this random dude saying it made me feel violated, in a way. Anger flashed in my eyes.
"The campers here who stayed for winter visited Olympus on the winter solstice. We met the gods, and among all of them Apollo was the only one with eyes such as yourself. It does help you're a blonde. Makes you look powerful," he said. Was he flirting with me? I stiffened. "That doesn't explain why I'm here or why a very mythical creature became very real and killed Percy's mother," I growled. He sighed. "Power such as the demi-god's comes at its price. We are hunted by monsters of all sorts that try to kill us. They smell the magic that runs in our blood. It is what they were created to do. Oh, and they get second chances. They can come back at any time. If you're lucky, you might kill one for a lifetime."
I nodded. "This place is a safe-haven, a home base," I said. "Where we can learn to defend ourselves." He finally smiled and put out his hand. "Luke, Hermes cabin. Welcome to Camp Half Blood."
"Felicity Dueso. Cabins?" I expected and answer. "Oh, yeah. So you know how there are twelve Olympians? Well, there are twelve cabins to support their youngsters. Hermes is the biggest, seeing as we take on everyone and anyone who doesn't know who their parent is in addition the god's actual kids. You'll be staying in that lovely cabin right there," he said pointing to a cabin that had a big bronze 7 on it. The cabin looked to be covered completely in gold (which begs the question of whether or not it was, in fact, a cabin), and was almost difficult to look at.
Like Luke had said, there were twelve cabins. They were nestled in the woods by a lake. They were arranged in a U, with two at the base and five in a row on either side. And they were without a doubt the most bizarre collection of buildings I had ever seen. Except for the fact that they each had a large brass number above the door, they looked nothing alike. They all faced a commons area about the size of a football field, dotted with Greek statues, flowerbeds, and a couple of basketball hoops.
I went inside my cabin with the 7 over my head and met my half siblings. They were already standing and smiling. There was a golden signed guitar hanging on the wall, and like 5 keyboards. I had 12 siblings. The oldest was the only one to way his name. "Markus," he said putting out his hand. I took it and he pulled me into a bear hug.
"I've got it from here," Markus told Luke, who was kind of just awkwardly standing in the corner. He looked relieved. "Bye," I called as he left. "Bye," I could barely hear the word as he jogged away. "Is that-" "Yeah, Elvis's," Markus replied. I had been admiring the guitar. I didn't play but I was still appreciative at its glory. I did play piano (however it usually sounded like the piano had a stuttering issue), but singing was really my strong suit.
We didn't get to spend much time together because soon I heard a conch horn. Markus explained this was a summons for dinner. He described the ritual of burning food for the gods. Most often people offered it to their parent but sometimes, if another god was helpful in your day you might thank them. It seemed simple enough.
After dinner our cabin led a sing-a-long. Mostly old camp songs like when we were younger. It was fun but after a little while I snuck up to the Big House to see Percy. I found a girl that looked my age with curly blonde hair at his side feeding him pudding. I gently knocked on the door. She whipped her head around and when her eyes fell on me she relaxed a bit. I was still glowing so I guessed it was a small miracle I had made it this far. "Hi," I said. She put the pudding down and joined me in the hall. "Is he getting any better?" I was cautious and worried. She nodded slowly. "Do you know anything about what happened on the winter solstice? What was stolen?"
I furrowed my brow in confusion and shook my head. "You guys had a field trip to Mount Olympus around that time, yes?" "Yeah but something happened there that has upset the gods. The only thing I can get out of Chiron is that something was taken but he won't say what," She was shaking her head. "You are a daughter of the goddess of wisdom, Athena." I said. She looked up at me sharply. "How did you know that?" "I-I- I... I don't know," I said. "I don't usually blurt those kinds of things, I'm sorry."
She seemed really peeved by my inconclusiveness. "I just don't understand. Why you?" I shook my head, looking at her carefully. "Excuse me? I don't follow?" "It was prophesized by the Oracle many years ago that the power of the sun would one day overwhelm the Earth with either great sorrow or great glory. We took it to mean that there would be a very powerful child of Apollo. The deciding factor in the war to come..." The blonde trailed off. She suddenly gained manners and all traces of negative feeling fell away. "I'm Annabeth," she said. "Felicity," I replied. "Do know when he'll wake up?" I said, gesturing to Percy. "No one can say. He'll wake up when he's ready to deal with the fact he's lost his mother. Could be tonight, could be in a week. The best thing you can do for him now is to rest up, start training, and sit tight." I nodded and went back to my cabin.
Instead of going to sleep I started to head over to the super sweet technology lab (courtesy of alumni donations) and sat in front of a very expensive looking MacBookPro. "You can take it, you know," Markus called from behind me. I jumped. "Huh? Okay..." I grabbed it carefully and went back to my bed where I hid under the covers and searched Wikipedia for some answers on my father. I went to the Apollo wiki page. The first paragraph was pretty much just about his names in other cultures and such so I skipped to the next. I summed this up to he's the god of the sun, prophesies, medicine, plague, light, and knowledge. Feeling more enlightened I sent an email to my mother explaining all that had happened in my day. I figured there would be no more communication with the outside world after this for me.


Before breakfast I visited Percy and Annabeth. Percy was mumbling and drooling in his sleep. It was kind of cute (I can't help it ima girl). After breakfast I trained. I was kinda good at archery, couldn't even hold up a sword, and nearly died on the wall with lava and stuff. We had lunch, and then I went to try and train with pointy weapons and such.
When I got there I saw two people, a boy and a girl, fighting mercilessly with each other. The boy almost was killed a few times and I was gaping. Eventually the girl disarmed him and helped him up. Then they saw me. "What are you looking at?" The boy said. The girl knocked him upside the head. "Cam! Hi, I'm Nicki and this is Cam," she said pointing with a dagger. "We're children of Athena." "Twins, actually," called Annabeth, striding up beside me. Nicki rolled her eyes. "They're our age. Can I talk to you? Privately?" Annabeth was tugging me towards the woods. I nodded as Nicki and Cam went at it again.
"Are they always like that?" I asked Annabeth. She nodded. "Nicki's always been better and Cam just can't handle his baby sister being better than him." "Oh," I said. "So, there's this thing we do here at camp. It's called capture the flag. It's just like normal capture the flag. No maiming, seriously injuring, or killing," she continued. I raised my eyebrows. "It's in the woods and the creek is the boundary. Now, the teams are usually the same because we've learned to get along with those particular kids. Ares and Athena are the leaders and therefore choose the teams. As the leader of Athena's cabin, I choose for our team. And because I don't have first pick this week, Clarisse, the leader of the Ares cabin, is going to pick Apollo first."
"Why?" I asked. "She wants to understand the extent of your power. As a child of the sun god, prophesied to be the most important player in the upcoming war, she doesn't want to take any risks on you. Plus, she usually gets the Apollos anyway. When Percy wakes up, I will be taking him though. I don't mean to put you on opposing teams when he's your boyfriend-" "Oh no he's not my boyfriend," I cut in. "Whatever. I can see you guys are close and I just wanted to warn you. Clarisse is harsh. She doesn't care about you only what you can do. You're new and good at archery I hear so she'll likely make you a scout along the border. Percy will be the same, most likely. Clarisse will slit your throat if she hears you were chatting with him so don't."
"That all?" I asked. Annabeth looked reproachful. "Don't take this lightly. Remember, it's next Friday so you better get working. I'll train with you for the rest of the day. Come on, let's get you suited up." I was beginning to get worried. With good reason.


The evening was pretty much the same as last night. I snuck out to visit Percy and he was still sleeping so I chatted with Annabeth and eventually returned to my cabin and did more research, this time on the other cabins. The next day was the same; Percy, train, eat, train, eat, Percy, research, sleep. But on Thursday he woke up.
They had expected him to wake soon so he was on the porch. It was just after noon. Grover was the first to see him and I didn't know until Chiron (Oh yeah forgot to mention that Mr. Brunner turned out to be a centaur! Who'd've known?)showed Percy to where I was sword fighting. I parried a blow and knocked my opponent, Sam, to the ground, sprinting to Percy.
"Percy!" I shouted and threw my arms around him. "Thank God- oh I mean gods you're safe!" Percy stumbled a bit then returned the hug. "Hey!" Percy replied. "When did you wake up?" I asked him. "Not too long ago. Who's that?" He nodded at Sam, who was walking toward us. "Oh! That's Sam, he's my half-brother. Oh! Guess who my dad is? Apollo!" I was chattering excitedly. Percy just took it all in stride. Chiron stopped us and said that they had to continue. I waved. "Bye! Have fun!" I shouted after them. Then Sam dragged my sorry butt back to the training ground and ran at me with his sword.


The next week passed quickly. I would chat about this and that with my siblings or Percy or Annabeth or Grover. I was getting better at everything. I was still researching at night but I knew a lot more about the other kids and had decided that after tonight, there would be no more of that. It was Thursday night, and I needed my sleep for capture the flag. Percy and Clarisse had some issues and I was kinda worried about Percy but I was more worried that my lack of ill-will toward him would get me in trouble with Clarisse. As forecasted, I was on the red team with Ares, my fellow Apollos, Demeter, and Hephaestus. This meant that Percy was with Annabeth who had the allegiance the Hermes cabin, that of Dionysus, and Aphrodite.
I was, again as predicted, cast as a scout along the border. I was worried that I might find Percy and be forced to fight him. I was pretty much just pacing along the creek when I heard whooping I didn't know what it was so with my shield on my arm, I turn toward the sound and took a step...
...And found myself knocking Luke to the ground. He'd had the wind knocked out of him so I took advantage by grabbing his own sword and dagger and pointed them at him. "I'll take that," I said grabbing the flag from him. I threw his stuff as hard as I could across the stream (which was pretty far, thank you very much) and let him up. He disappeared into the woods and I tuned on my heel...
... And appeared where I was a few seconds ago, 50 yards up the creek, but found myself in the stream between Clarisse and Percy. "Crap-" I was cut off by Clarisse swinging her spear at me and tearing across my cheek. Electricity thrummed through me as I convulsed in the bed of the stream. "S**t-" Clarisse and her friends started running but they didn't get very far. Red soldiers had a blue piece of cloth in their hands and had leaped across the river when Chiron's voice boomed. "What part of no maiming, seriously injuring or killing did you not understand?!"
Percy was kneeling over me with shock, clear as day in his eyes. I wanted to scream in pain but I had no control over my body. Seizures wracked my body as Chiron appeared. He avoided touching the stream. A look of utter fixation was on his face.
I had no feeling in my body. I was numb. I couldn't see anything but Percy. I was getting cold despite it was like summertime here. It really was beautiful. A good place to die. "You're not going to die," Percy said softly, reading my mind. If I had control over it I would have shaken my head. Soft waves were coming over us, I could see Percy cradling my face. His eyes closed, like I knew mine never would. He whispered something not even I, inches away from him, could understand.
I felt all tingly. Is this dying? It feels kind of good... I thought, and I giggled out loud. I could move my mouth! I sat up fast and Percy and I bonked heads. "Ow!" We both said at the same time. I started rubbing my head. I was dry despite the fact I was in a stream. I stood up, dragging Percy with me. There were people all around us, looking utterly shocked. I was murderous, looking only for Clarisse. But when I saw Percy, and his messy dark hair, I almost fell back down again.
Percy, reaching out to catch me, had a glowing green trident above his head. "It is determined," Chiron announced. Everyone was kneeling but me now. "My father?" Percy asked, completely bewildered. "Poseidon," said Chiron. "Earthshaker, Stormbringer, Father of Horses. Hail, Perseus Jackson, Son of the Sea God." That was when Percy took my face in his hands and kissed me.

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