Gods I Love That Kid

I've noticed people arent really doing the whole of the Percy Jackson series justice so I'm making myself into this story as best as I can while still keeping the characters as much the same as ever :)

Chapter 3

Aw shucks

The glorious moment was short-lived. Almost as soon as our lips touched a growl ripped through the air. I pushed Percy away in order to spot a hellish sight. There on the rocks just above us was a black hound the size of a hippo, with eyes red like the lava on the impassible training wall, and fangs like daggers. And it was looking straight at Percy.
Everyone was frozen like statues but Annabeth, who yelled, "Percy, run!" She attempted to leap in front of us but the dog-like fiend was too fast for her. She managed to knock me over though. It leaped over Annabeth and I- a huge black shadow with fangs- and next thing I know there is a big hole in Percy's chest and there are about 40 arrows in the beast's neck. The dead monster fell on me and Annabeth. Gods, why can't I be home right now? I though to myself.
I blinked and in a flash of light there I was, on my bed. My room has been turned upside-down. And there were cops. "Hey! You! Where did you come from?!" There was a lady cop shouting at me. I freaked out and went to my happy place, green meadows and flowers and rainbows and such. Again when I opened my eyes there I was. My thoughts were racing.
I've gotta get back, figure this out. Chiron will know what to do... What happened to my mom? Why were there cops in my room? Who ransacked my room? Why?
At this point I had paced a little trail in the grass. I took a deep breath and imagined myself back at the creek, between Percy and Annabeth. And so it was. "... A flash of light! Spectacular!" The other campers were whispering as I appeared exactly where I wanted to, standing in the creek next to Percy and Annabeth in front of Chiron. They all jumped. "But- You were- I- What just happened?!" Percy and Annabeth were stunned and Chiron was baffled. He regained his composure and began to speak. "Everybody back to camp! With the exception you three... I'd like a private word," Chiron grabbed Percy and my shoulders and steered us out of the woods with a solemn Annabeth in tow.


"Am I in trouble?" I asked Chiron. "No, I just though you three would like to know what just happened. To recap: Felicity, you almost died when you were electrocuted by Clariss's spear but Percy used the miraculous powers vested in him by his father, the sea god Posideon, to save your life. Then, you two shared a publicly private moment. After which you were attacked by a Hell Hound. You managed to survive that encounter because of you fellow campmates. In a flash of light, Felicity, you disappeared, then reappeared in the same fashion a few minutes later. You know the rest, but I was hoping you could fill in the blanks from there," Chiron concluded.
I sighed. "I wanted to be at home and so that's where I ended up. My place was a mess, like someone had searched our stuff. I didn't see my mom and there were cops. They were like 'where'd you come from' so I pictured my happy place and, you guessed it, 'zap!' I'm there. I was confused so I stopped to think. I was hoping you could help me figure this out so I went back to last place I had seen you and here we are. So. Who messed up my apartment, what were they looking for, where is my mother, when did she disappear, why is she missing in the first place, and why am I able to appear and disappear?"
Chiron shook his head. "I'll do my best to answer as many questions as I can but be warned; you may not like what I have to say," he paused. I nodded slowly, cautiously. "I believe it was monsters from the Underworld who followed your scent to your home and searched it, they were most likely looking for you or clues to find you, unfortunately I have heard nothing of your mother, if they took her it was because they needed leverage to draw you out, and I believe you have developed an ancient gift of Apollo. You may go where you like, so long as the sun touches it. I don't think you can travel by night, and it would explain the flashes of light we saw. It is a gift I haven't heard of in over two thousand years, and I don't understand why it has appeared in you, unless... That's all for now, you may return to your cabins. Annabeth will show you to cabin three Percy. Rest up, you'll need it."
Annabeth, who had remained silent throughout this whole ordeal spoke up finally. "But Chiron! What about the prophesy-" "You were dismissed Annabeth, show Perfy to his new cabin." There was a gentle edge to his voice, something I just couldn't put my finger on. He seemed... Pressured, almost. I left, practically dragging Annabeth and Percy behind me. I was curious too, don't get me wrong, it's just I don't want to try my luck with a formerly-mythical creature.
I let go when we got outside. I wanted to try something so instead of going to my cabin I went to the lake and sat on the dock. Night had fallen about two hours ago, so I imagined myself on a sunny beach in Hawaii. When I opened my eyes, I was still on the dock, but naiads had circled around my feet. I pulled my toes out of the water quickly, and established that my ability worked only in the light of the sun.
I went back to my cabin and dreamt. In my dream. I was atop a cliff on a beach. Below I saw Percy, 100 meters down the beach, running towards me. below me were two men wearing good ole fashion Greek togas. One was a green-y color and the other a blue. They were locked in combat, and I heard one of them shouting Give it back! like the kids I babysat. They were in the surf, with waves swelling.
Percy, as he was running, was shouting at them to stop it. Then, a deep rumbling voice chuckled. Like quicksand in an Indiana Jones movie, the sand began to sink, causing the water, Percy, and the fighting men to go down with it. The cliff I was standing on split, leaving me with one foot on either side. If I lost my balance, I would fall into the abyss. I couldn't just pick a side, because the crack was about four feet across. Pick a side, or you can follow the hero. Take heed to what I tell you, child; if you do not make the correct decision, you will fall. The cold and powerful voice boomed. I lost my footing and fell.
I woke with a start, and smacked heads with someone who was sitting next to me on my bed.I found myself sarong into the beautiful blue eyes of Luke, the one from my first day. I quickly stammered out an apology, and tried to untangle my legs from he sheets. "Hi," Luke said. "Good morning... What brings you here?" I asked nervously. I had managed to escape my bed and was now trying to get the knots out of my blonde hair (note to self: no more tossing and turning). "Mr. D wants to see you," Luke said.
I surveyed the cabin. Luckily my bunkmates were outside playing volleyball against the satyrs. "What about?" I asked. Luke simply shrugged. I grabbed jean shorts and a very tacky orange Camp Half Blood shirt and headed for the bathroom, pulling the orange monstrosity over my tight tanktop. When concealed from Luke I quickly changes into the cutoffs and brushed my teeth. When I came out he was on my bed, with my digital camera in his hands, making funny faces and taking pictures of himself.
I tried to be cool. Simply clearing my throat. Luke looked up as the flash went off in his face. I smiled and shook my head. He put the camera back where he found it and we started walking towards the Big House. He left me to fend for myself as I saw Grover walk up with Percy. "Fancy meetin' you here," I teased. He grinned at me and Groverjust rolled his eyes disgustedly at us. I couldn't even bother to try and stiffle my snicker.
We sobered up for Mr. D, who was sitting at the pinochle table across from Chiron, who was back in the wheelchair. Confusing and hard to follow much? "Well, well," Mr. D said without breaking his concentration. "Our little celebrity." We waited. "Come closer," Mr. D said. Percy strode up, but I hung behind. "You too, little miss sunshine. And don't expect me to kowtow to you, mortal, just because old Barnacle-Beard is your father." I didn't even get a whole a thought. It was back to Percy (which was fine with me).
Lightning flashed in the clouds. "If I had my way," the god rambled, "I would cause your molecules to erupt in flames. We'd sweep up the ashes and be done with a lot of trouble. But Chiron seems to feel this would be against my mission at this cursed camp: to keep you little brats safe from harm." The more he talked, the more I disliked Mr. D. "Spontaneous combustion is a form of harm, Mr. D," Chiron put in.
"I beg your pardon for interrupting, but I was under the assumption we were called here for a reason?" Mr. D scowled at me. "I'm off to Olympus for the emergency meeting. If these two are still here when I get back, I'll turn you both into Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. Understood? And Perseus Jackson, if your at all smart, you'll see that's a much more sensible choice than what Chiron feels you must do."


Percy and I were offered a co-quest. I denied, and Percy accepted. He got a prophecy from the Oracle, and chose to take Annabeth and Grover with him. I had more time to train. The second the van pulled out, I knew I had made a mistake. I trained like mad, and was actually doing pretty well. The Ares cabin was still shooting me weird looks, not apologetic but not mean. I was pretty much alone, so I was kind of relieved when the twins from the Athena cabin approached me at archery.
I had just made a bullseye. When the boy, Cam snuck up behind me. "Boo," he said. I turned with a cocked eyebrow but he had already return to his sister Nicki's side. She was wearing the same orange shirt as me, but she had cut hers up so there were knots going down her sides. "Nice shot," she said. I smiled as friendly as possible. "Thanks, but I'm probably no match for you on the battlefield," I said. Blogging flattery works with this one. "Felicity, right?" He boy said. "Yeah. Cam and Nicki?" The girl beamed. She had a very upbeat personality. "Well, the few friends I've made here just took off today so I'm kinda screwed. Need a training buddy?" She shoved her broher dramatically. "I do now. I was tired of that one anyway. He really wears on your nerves, you know?" I giggled. I decided I liked her already.
She had me pinned in the first minute or so of the fight and kept giving tips, like watch my balance and turn my blade with this move or that. I did the same with her in archery, lift your elbow up, don't pull too far back or you'll mess the bow up. Cam eventually got jelous and made me try to throw knives, which I was actually decent at but he was all to happy to critique me. We sat together at the campfire and chatted. I had friends!


The next day was a little bit easier. I still missed the company of Annabeth, Percy, and Grover, but I was okay with Cam and Nicki there for company. I trained with Cam and Nicki again, and with their help conquered the wall of lava with only a little bit of my eyebrows gone, but with tweezers in the right hands, I'd be smiling through. I went to sleep and didn't dream, which was amazing. But on Day 3 without them, I IM'd them [for those without the sense to read he book, it's Iris Messeging, Iris= goddess of rainbows]. They were in an observation deck.
"Well, I must say, this isn't the action-packed adventure I was expecting," I said, smiling at my three friends, who jumped in shock. Luckily there was no one else with them, otherwise I'm not sure we'd be able to explain this. "Felicity," Annabeth grinned. "How are things at camp?" "Good. Where are you guys at?" I said curiously. I wanted to try something. "The top of the Gateway Arch. Why?"
"Shazam," I said, right behind them. They all turned and Percy had the pen thing out again. "Jeez, don't scare us like that!" Grover bleated. "We've had... A bad expirience so far." Annabeth explained. A park ranger told that the observation deck would be closing in a few minutes. I smiled at my friends, waved, and imagined myself back at camp. Nada. "Crap. It must be night there. Looks like your stuck with me for the night," I said, steering them towards the exit signs.
Annabeth and Grover loaded on the elevator and Percy and me tried to follow but the ranger stopped us. Grover shrugged and they went down. The only people left in the observation deck were Percy and me, the park ranger, a fat lady with a little chihuahau, and a little boy with his parents. Percy was chatting with the fat lady. I was staring at her dog, cause that was one weird pooch. I have never met a dog that looked me right in the eye with such ferocity. It was tres skech.
I can't say I was surprised when the dog turned out to not be a dog. I grabbed Percy and imagined the two of us town at the base of the Arch, with Annabeth and Grover. No such luck. I made it down, of course, but as I wildly looked around for Percy, the last drop of sunlight faded. I turned my eyes to the top of he Arch, franticly searching for some clue. All I saw was a big, gaping hole. And some idiot jumping out of it into the Mississippi River. My idiot.
I was hyperventilating by the time Gover and Annabeth found me. I was in the little museum in the underground part, the one with the mannequin that tell to heir story, sitting on a bench. They literally had to drag me to my feet. I was stuttering about Percy falling in the river, which I somehow remembered in detail as we were running to the River. We started searching the banks. I thought I saw a head of black messy hair and ran towards it. Sure enough, there was my idiot.
"Percy!" I said tackling him happily. "I am going to murder you in your sleep!" I managed to threaten his life before Grover bear-hugged him. Annabeth was all "What happened you crazyheads" and I was like "don't we have a train to catch?" On the train, Percy explained. Here is the short story:
Chihuahua=Chimera (go Felicity for being a smarticle particle), chimera like to KILL, Percy really wasn't in the mood for being fried so he decides to go for a swim. He met one of his dad's gal pals who told him to do to Santa Barbra. It was a great story but I was tired so I hit the hay.


Another dreamless night for me, I'm on a roll. When I woke up there was food which I ate wicked fast. I decided it would be best for everyone if I stayed on this quest so I IM'd Chiron, letting him know. He wasn't really happy, but there wasnt really much he could do about it from there. I was satisfied so I decided to talk with Annabeth about this prophecy nonsense. She told me there were actually a few, but here were only two having to do with our generation.
The one about me was ancient, going back to when the Oracle of Delphi was still relatively new. It was interperated to mean that a child of Apollo would be the deciding factor in the war of the gods, that this child would be powerful beyond imagination. "And you think it's me?" I asked. "Yeah, I do. I also think that, in time, more powers will present themselves. And of course your powers might be stronger, like how you tried but couldn't bring Percy with you? I think if you train that muscle, eventually you probably be able to," Annabeth concluded. To be honest the conversation bored me (it's not me its the ADD). I fell asleep again, but my dreamless luck had run out.

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