Gods I Love That Kid

I've noticed people arent really doing the whole of the Percy Jackson series justice so I'm making myself into this story as best as I can while still keeping the characters as much the same as ever :)

Chapter 4

Imagine it and it's yours. Yeah, it wins superpower of the month

When I was shaken awake by a very irritated Grover at gasp 10 am (a personal record) I groggily just shoved him away and rolled over. Onto the floor. Percy and Annabeth stifled their giggles. Grover flashed a rare triumphant grin and heaved me to my feet. I, on the other hand, was still tangled in a flannel army blanket as Grover tugged on my arm. Percy and Annabeth just couldn't contain themselves as I managed to escape my blanket and scramble to my feet. I sat criss-cross-apple-sauce on my bunk and closed my eyes, imagining fresh shorts and a loose t-shirt laying in front of me.
I knew I was successful when I heard a startled bleat and saw to my own satfication that a pair of jean shorts and my dingy old Grateful Dead concert shirt. There was a stain my mom could never explain on the right sleeve. I touched the familiarity sofly. It was the first time I realized it. She was gone. I would probably never see her again. And Grover had the indecency to intrude on my minute by throwing the shorts at me. And let me just say, though he may be a mythical creature with a immaturity issue, but this kid could pack a punch. Seriously. Could have sworn I had a black eye. "Shove it up yours, satyr," I mumbled, swinging lightly at his arm. He dodged and poked my stomach. "Hey," I shouted, starting to chase him. Annabeth grabbed me from behind and we both collapsed into hysterical, side-heaving, peals of laugher.
Percy fell onto the floor next to us and Grover soon followed. By the time we regained our senses, our sides were splitting. I squeezed my eyes and imagined myself manifesting one of those water bottle 6-packs, and voilà. Lucky for Grover they just appeared on the floor this time. Annabeth was apprehensive at first but after Grover me and Percy all had chugged one she took one of the water bottles and sipped at it. "Can you magic us up some enchiladas?" Grover bleated (I'm sorry there just isn't any other way to describe the way satyrs talk). I pictured it in my mind and *pop* four steaming enchiladas.
After all that conjuring I was exhausted so I drank another water bottle. I tried to manifest money (who wouldnt) but the best I could do was a thumbtack sized hunk of gold.

I'm out if ideas! Please message me or leave a comment! I'll also be taking character ideas but I'm not expecting any so don't feel pressured. If you want more then please help me out

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