Naruto High Sleep Over - Shikamaru

Chapter 1

A Sleep Over at Ino's

by: MaxxLava
___!!! Wait up.” Ino yelled running after you.
“Hey, whats up?” you said when she caught up to you.
“I’m having a sleep over tonight and your coming.” She said wrapping an arm around you
“Cool. Who is gonna be there?” you asked
She gave an evil laugh and ran off.
“Ino, What the heck” you yelled after her.
You walked to your locker and got your bag. You walked outside and saw Ino waiting by her car, an evil smile stretched across her face.
“You look creepy” you said
“Just get in.” Ino said with a glare
“Can you two hurry up” someone says from the back seat.
‘Oh my god. Ino invited Shikamaru to her sleep over. She had better not of told him anything.’ You thought.
Ino dropped you off at your house and told you to come over at 8. You ran up to your room and started going through your clothes. You found a cute pair of pajamas with sleeping panda’s on them and tossed them in your bag. At around 8:30 you walked over to Ino’s house. A lot of people were already there. You hung out with Choji and Shikamaru most of the time. At about eleven Ino ran over to you.
“____ we’re gonna play truth or dare.” Ino said pulling you over with everyone else.
“Ino that’s so lame” you said
She glared at you and pulled you down next to her.
“Okay who wants to go first?” Ino asked
“Oh me” Choji said raising his hand
“Okay” Ino said
“Truth or dare Ino?” He asked
“I’ll go with dare.” Ino said
“I dare you to go get me some more pizza.” Choji said
“What? That’s a dumb dare!” Ino yelled but did it anyway.
“Now it’s my turn. ___ Truth or dare?” Ino asked with an evil smile
“Umm… Truth” you say.
“Who do you have a crush on?” Ino said with a laugh
“I hate you Ino” you said
“No you don’t, now answer the question.” Ino said
“I like Shikamaru” you whisper
“What? You like Shikamaru!” Ino yelled
You blushed a bright red and elbowed Ino in the side. Shikamaru looked at you and you stared at the floor totally embarrassed.
“It’s your turn” Ino said
“Fine. Truth or dare Sakura?” you asked
“Dare” she said
“I dare you to kiss Ino on the forehead.” You said
“What? Are you crazy?” they both yelled
“Its revenge” you said with a shrug
After the game Ino gave everyone pillows and blankets. You laid down on the couch and stared at the ceiling. You couldn’t believe Ino made you say that you liked Shikamaru. What if he didn’t wanna hang out with you anymore? Darn Ino.
“Hey, you stool my spot.” Shikamaru said
He was standing right next to the couch. Thankfully it was dark because you were blushing a bright red.
“Your names not on it” you said
“That’s only because Ino would kill me.” He said
“Yeah she would” You say with a laugh
“So are you gonna move?” he asked giving you a smile
“I wasn’t planning on it.” You said
“Fine” he said
He picked you up bridal style making you blush even more.
“Then we’ll have to share” he said
Shikamaru laid down and pulled you on top of him. He kissed the top of your head. You closed your eyes and fell asleep to the sound of his heart beat.


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