The Clock Tower

My first story. Plz feel free to criticize and tell me what I can do better.

Chapter 1

Shadow Man

by: kennO_678
An ominous boy stared intently at me as I crossed the library to check out a book for my history class. It was kind of freaking me out and though I was shaken up as much as I was about it I couldn’t help but stare back as forest green eyes followed my every movement like a snake waiting to strike. And when I looked back when most eyes usually look away to keep their eye stalking hidden these eyes just kept staring. My mind cluttered with of every possible reason why I happened to be here right now while this guy was here and why he was watching me. The paranoia inside of me carried my thoughts far from in the line to checkout my books. I gave a high pitched yelp that disturbed most of the people in the library when the librarian called me out of my thoughts to take the book I was checking out. A line of five gathered behind me. “Thank you” I said timidly and embarrassed then grabbed the book from the well aged lady and headed for the exit. “He just had to be in front of the exit” I thought in fear looking at the mysterious man I explained before who was casually leaning against the only door, “I hope he’s not waiting for me”. Just walking to the door calmly took every ounce of my strength, to move my left and right foot towards someone I have increasing fear towards and then time slowed and I walked past him no harm done. Cold air struck me when I stepped out into a dim lighted winter sky. I took out my cell phone to call my best friend Skylar to come get me then sat on a stone bench to wait. While I was waiting I was thinking about the strange man at the moment I walked past him. He was about my age and looked kind of creepy but when I saw his face he looked sad; I decided to nickname him shadow man. After a few minutes Skylar pulled up and shadow man walked out with a colossal book; I wanted to go ask him what his issue was but Skyler called me over so I decided not to. I got in the car and we drove off. Skyler tuned the radio to 106.1 and Misery by Maroon 5 was playing. I got into the song after shadow man was out of my sight.
“Yo, earth to Angel, come in Angel” Skylar said looking at me.
“Keep your eyes on the road” I said
“OK then but are you ok? You look kind of out of it.”
I sighed “I’ve just had a weird day and my head hurts. Also, I still have to work on my project by myself and I want to finish tomorrow.”
“Well you can’t do that because for one it’s a pretty big project and two this is just routine; you’re going to say you’re going to finish early, then put it off till the last minute, and still somehow still get a good grade.”
I was silent for a minute thinking, then spoke aloud “nope I’m going to do it this time I even got a book.”
“Of course you are” Skylar said with sarcasm
I laughed a little as I saw my house getting closer and closer. “Thanks for the ride ducky” I said; he smiled “see you bubbles.”
I closed the door and walked inside the house reminiscing about how we got those names. I was at a lake blowing bubbles and watching ducks swim with their baby’s when Skyler found me, we played for a while and he fell in the pond and started swimming with the ducks from then on he called me bubbles and I called him ducky not in public though. My dad was already asleep so I heated myself some leftover pizza and quietly did my usual routine for the night and got in bed. As soon as I was under the blanket I realized that Skyler was right and I wouldn’t start my project; I smiled at how ridiculously right he was about me. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. The next day I felt oddly good like I could really accomplish things today. Except being on time for school but I wasn’t going to rush it’s not really new and my dad sometimes acted like he cared but I could tell he really didn’t. I threw on some black skinny jeans and converse with Benjamin’s on them and a green tee and striped green and gray jacket then headed down the stairs.
“You’re going to be late” my dad said not looking up from the news paper.
“I’m hurrying” I lied and grabbed a pop tart.
“You know you should really at least try to be on time”
“Yeah but then I wouldn’t get to see you in the morning sense I have to leave so early”
He gave me a look that said ‘yeah right’ then looked away and said “get to school.”
I smiled and walked out the door and sense I knew I was going to be late I had plenty of time to visit my club house the old abandoned clock tower. The first time I came over here chills ran down my body in fear as 8th grade girls cheered me on to spend the night in this ghastly man ridden house. But now this is like my second home, I feel safe here. I approached the tall run down tower admiring its evasive beauty; it was like something out of old European renaissance time. Long vines rounded up to the top of the building so beautifully it looked like they were purposefully put there. I walked around till I found the big black door that granted my entrance into the tower. I reached to turn the knob when it suddenly turned for me and opened to a semi-familiar face of a boy staring at me with confusion then rage. “Shadow man” I whispered. My eyes widened at the sudden surprise and I backed up when he walked closer to me and then I ran to school. I stepped into the warm air of the school. I heard footsteps behind me and saw shadow man. I walked into the office they had my tardy slip filled out already except the ‘reason for being tardy’ part.

“Wow you guys know me so well” I said.

“Why are you late this time Ms. Valley?”

“Evil flying mushrooms” I said looking at shadow man who had just walked in.

“Uh huh” said the office lady. I turned to hurry out

“Wait” she said to me, “Why are you late Mr. Woods?”

“I got lost on the way until Angel found me.” My face only too quickly struck a position that plainly said ‘WHAT!’

“Is that so?” asked the office lady.

“Yes, I’m quite grateful” shadow man, I mean ‘Mr.’ Wood said with upmost politeness.

“I guess you two were able to get away from the flying mushrooms, Ms. Valley.”

“Uh yeah” I said still pretty shocked.

“Well then sense you two are so acquainted you can show him around the school for the first couple of days”

“Uh no actually I ca-” I stopped in the middle of my protest disquieted by the office room lady’s eerie focus on my eyes.

“You were saying something Ms. Valley”

“Nothing I’d love to.”

“Good” she said as her glare softened.

I walked out of the office a little aggravated and a little bit creeped out…

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