Weasley and Lestrange - A love story

Weasley and Lestrange - A love story

This will go on my fan fiction page soon as quibble edits stuff :/, I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it :)

Chapter 1

Unwanted Lestrange

by: mario2171
"Keep moving," said Bellatrix, prodding Vitani in the back with her wand. "It's your fault you are pitching up at Hogwarts, Beauxbatons is lucky not to have burnt down." Annie supressed a grin. Bellatrix grabbed her shoulders. "Are you listening to me, you little brat?! I don't even know who you are. Spawn of some long lost cousin and somehow, you have my family's name. So that makes me your guardian of sorts." She shuddered. "Now get out of my sight and onto that train. Someone is waiting my return. It said on your letter you are in Ravenclaw. Imagine the shame if  you had been sorted. The Lestrange name disgraced by a 15 year old. My nephew will look out for you, but keep in mind, you are not closely related to him, and you are pure blood, so try not to get friendly with a Mudblood. Go." Vitani turned away, dragging her trunk after her.

                                                    * * *
After an hour on the train alone, Vitani thought she glimpsed something out of the window. She strained her eyes looking for what she had thought she saw, but nothing. She blew her platinum blonde fringe out of her eyes and said to herself "you're going crazy Annie." She picked out a book from her trunk and flicked through it. All English, which she was originally, and never really picked up French. She had an awful accent, but even so, the prospect of a new school was frightening. Deep in thought, she was interrupted when a round faced boy and another with freckles and a green rosette chanting names swung the cabin door open. "Oh, um... You haven't seen Luna, have you?"
"I'm new here," Annie said coldly.
"Oh gosh, sorry. I've just never seen a new person arrive at Hogwarts our age," he said happily. "Neville Longbottom, nice to meet you!" He held out his hand for a handshake. "This is Seamus..."
"Uh... Hi..." His mouth flapped open.
"Sorry..." Neville looked embarrassed.
"It's okay, it's not the first time it's happened," She still hadn't taken his handshake, so reached out and took his hand. "Vitani, I prefer Annie. Vitani Lestrange." Neville froze. "Something wrong?" she asked.
"Bye Vitani." Neville said shortly and left.  She was shocked. Annie was about to ask Seamus to leave, when 3 other boys appeared at the cabin door, one very tall, one fat, and one with sleek bleach blonde hair.
"Well, well, well boys. What do we have here?"

Annie sped up, hoping to get away from the calling boy. So that was Draco! He may have looked cute, but he was arrogant and an annoying, racist git. After being embarrassed by that Neville boy, and then chased by him, and escaping, her day was not going well. She wasn't even at the castle yet! Even though-
"All righttt?"
Two identical red haired boys, whom she had just ran into, looked back at her. "I'm sorry, sorry..." hurrying to pick up her iPod, which had fallen out of her pocket. She was surprised when she looked up, that they had stopped to wait for her. They both wore grins from ear to ear, and she couldnt help looking back at them.
"I'm Fred, that's George."
"Your name?"
"Turn ons?"
"Do they include red hair?"
"Vitani Lestrange, I prefer Annie, I've just turned 15, 4th year. The last one is none of your business... Yet"
"Ooh... George she's 15."
"But in dear Ronniekinns year."
"Good point."
"However... Lestrange."
"Why is that a problem!? I turn up to a distant relation with the same name as her and-"
"HER. Annie, is your relation perhaps called... Bellatrix?" He drew out her name to make it a question. "Yes, why? Do you know her?"
"Weellll. Put this way."
"She's a killer."
"She's a physchopath."
"I can't stand her," interrupted Annie.
"WOAH! Mind if we spread that around?"
"Sure. Go for it."
"Good, we would have anyway, now, to find dear old Ronald. Our brother," he added for Annie's benefit.
"Indeedy. Miss Lestrange-"
"Don't call me that."
"What would you prefer?"
"How about Oldmort?"
"Idiot, Fred."
"Alright George, you think of one."
"Um.. Smith?"
"How about I not have one?" suggested Annie.
"Right then, Miss-No-Last-Name, let us escort to you Hogwarts itself."
And with that, the two brothers frogmarched her in.

* * *

"That's the Ravenclaw table."
"Speak to Luna. She's nice."
"Bit odd, but nice."
Annie glanced over. "She looks a bit like me."
"Well, you've got a nicer a-"
She gave Fred a cold stare. "A nice what?"
"Anatomically correct foot?" suggested Fred.
She left them with Fred clutching his face and George crying with laughter.

"What in Merlin's name happened to you?" said Harry.
"Don't ask," said Fred still holding his face.
"Hot new girl slapped him when he said she had a nice, how did you put it? 'anatomically correct foot" George laughed even harder.  Ron spluttered and sprayed mashed potato over Harry. "Sorry mate, you got beat up by a first year?!? What the?!"
"She's in your year, looks like Luna only a billion times hotter," said George between laughs.
"I didn't know you could come to Hogwarts in 4th year?" said Hermione.
"She got expelled from Beauxbatons."
"What for?" asked Harry.
"Who cares?? Isn't that where all the hot Veela girls go?" asked Ron.
"Ron, I'm not joking, this girls more gorgeous than a Veela," interrupted Fred. Hermione smiled to herself and looked at Fred. She widened her eyes and opened her mouth, but closed it again. "But still, she lives with BELLATRIX LESTRANGE! And she hates her! And-"
"And Malfoy fancies her," Seamus interrupted. "He kept trying to chat her up, and he got pretty close until he tried to kiss her. Hadn't had much experience, he looked like he was sucking her soul out-"
"I'm gonna smash his face in, the slimy git!" said Fred and George simultaneously.
"Settle down, settle down!" Dumbledore's voice echoed round the noisy hall. "I have some important announcements to make..."


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