the seven lives of narly (not for kids)

the seven lives of narly (not for kids)


Chapter 1

narly. lol-ing at tommy in tights

by: narly
i opened my eyes and went downstairs to lol at tommy in tights.
"nice tights"i joked as i danced around like a demented chicken.
"nice dance"said tommy in tights,he was flirting with me!!!
so i said"do you wanna dance with me"
"yeah i dig that narly!"screamed tommy in tights. so he started to break dance. but then...he broke his leg. then he screamed. there was a hole in his tights! dun dun daaaaa!!"i must go to the tights clinic at one!!!!"yelled tommy in tights
WHAT???!!!theres such thing as a tights clinic?" i shouted
"yeah like durrrrrrrrrr brain!!!!!" cried tommy
"we must get you to the hospital at once!!!" i sang in opera form
"NO!!!the tights clinic!" wailed tommy
then tommy blacked out.

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