Some things are better left unsaid (George Weasley Love Story)

Some things are better left unsaid (George Weasley Love Story)

Character Info:
Name: Dakota Lestrange
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Wand: walnut, 12 3/4", unyielding, unicorn heartstring
Daughter of Bellatrix. Sent off on a mission to watch Harry Potter at all of his years at Hogwarts for the Dark Lord.
Friends: Draco, "Harry", Weasley Family, Sadly the Mud-Blood as well...
House: Slytherin
Year: 3
(in this story Bellatrix will not be in Azkaban)

Chapter 1

Leaving for Hogwarts

I can't believe it! They're sending a 13 year old to watch over Harry Potter. To be his 'Friend' and Lure him into the Dark Lord's trap! Oh well, it will show my loyalty to the Lord and maybe I'll become a Death Eater sooner then I wanted. And at least I won't be alone. Draco has to help me as well.

We're leaving for Hogwarts and I was zoning off into my own dream land, trying to predict the future. How I will go about my business. Be really sweet to Potter at first. Let him trust me. Let him be my friend. I've been going to Hogwarts for 2 years. Going into 3rd year. I have no friends. I was only going there because I had to go somewhere at the age of eleven. It was only to pass the time until now, when Harry Potter is coming to Hogwarts. I don't Fancy anyone but I know Draco has a thing for me. UGH! I'm 13 he's 11. We will not mix!

I got pulled out of my thoughts when I heard my mum laughing and then she shouted, "Dakota! We're leaving now! Get your stuff and hurry up! Come on now! I can't wait forever you know!" I swear she has anger issues. Either that or she's just mad! Putting aside my mum's mental-ness I did as told. I got my stuff, and my black Cat, Bubbles (Got a problem with the name, mate?) and went downstairs to see my mum impatiently waiting.

"Come on, now! We're apparating." She said. I held on to my trunk and Bubbles hopped on top of my trunk like normal and mum took my hand and took Draco's hand as well. (Narcissa and Lucius were busy and couldn't take him.) Draco looked at me scared because he's never apparated before. I was about to console him when my mum saw his face and said, "Don't worry, you're going to feel sick afterwords so no need to feel sick now!" She laughed and then we left with a big POP!

We ended up at Platform 9 3/4. We entered loudly and a few people stared at us. Like usual. Then Bella (I get tired of calling her mum, because sometimes she doesn't feel like one) scowled at them and said, "Get your noses back on your faces and out of my business!" With that everyone immediately looked away.

Draco looked at me with his eyes wide with horror. I mouthed, 'It's a normal thing for her.' He gulped and nodded and put on an intense face to mask his horror.

"Run along now! On the train! And don't forget to find Harry Potter! Do not screw this up for me or we'll both die, you got it!?" Bellatrix yelled at me and then looked at Draco, "If you mess up, you're father will hear about it!" She stood up straight and said, "Okay, children have fun! Good luck!" Trying to sound like a nice mother is hard for her. I nodded and she apparated away.

I took Draco's hand, "Come on then! Let's get the luggage to them! Then we'll find Potter." I smiled trying to sooth him from being scared. He nodded and picked up his luggage and I got mine and Bubbles started following us. In the middle of Bubbles walking she disappeared into a floating bubble (now do you understand the name). Cat's were only allowed on board in a cage in the pets compartment. In my first year she got in many fights with the owls and let's just say, she had a great snack and I lost my money to go buy many people new owls. So I put a charm on her so she could turn into a bubble and float on board with us. Before the charm her name was Afrika. Then I just started calling her Bubbles and she liked it and got used to it. But, if she does something bad I call her Afrika and she knows she's in trouble.

Once we got our luggage to the luggage compartment we went to go find a compartment of our own. We found an empty one and sat in there. Draco met up with some friends, Crabbe and Goyle and he said he'd go find Potter. I decided to read some muggle book I stole from a 1st year last year (who's now a 2nd year) It was titled Twilight and it's kind of ridiculous. A sparkling vampire? Give me a break! But, I can't help it, whenever this Edward character is there I keep imagining Cedric Diggory. It's odd.

The book got boring, like always and I ended up falling asleep with Bubbles popping over my lap and plumping down on my legs, laying down and falling asleep.

Sorry, George will appear sometime soon in here! I promise! But, if you like it comment? Rate? Add to favorites, maybe?

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