Some things are better left unsaid (George Weasley Love Story)

Some things are better left unsaid (George Weasley Love Story)

Character Info:
Name: Dakota Lestrange
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Wand: walnut, 12 3/4", unyielding, unicorn heartstring
Daughter of Bellatrix. Sent off on a mission to watch Harry Potter at all of his years at Hogwarts for the Dark Lord.
Friends: Draco, "Harry", Weasley Family, Sadly the Mud-Blood as well...
House: Slytherin
Year: 3
(in this story Bellatrix will not be in Azkaban)

Chapter 2

Getting into Robes

I woke up when I heard the compartment door open and close. I'm a very light sleeper. I open one eye and see Draco sitting down with his two friends in their robes. I closed my eye. "Find Potter?" I asked.He hesitated so I asked again after I sat up and looked him straight in the eyes, "Did you or did you not find Harry Potter?!" I yelled at him. He looked terrified and I felt a little guilty. I mean, he's just a little boy. I've been acting more and more like my mother lately, which terrifies me. "I'm sorry, Draco. But, will you please answer me?" I asked sweetly calming down.

"Yes." He finally said. "I found Potter, and he kind of. Doesn't like me..." He trailed off telling me the whole story from Draco telling Harry to not be with the wrong sort to Harry saying, 'I can figure the wrong sort for myself, thanks.'
"Oh, Draco! You went about it all wrong! You have to be nice to Harry and his friends if you want to get close to him."
"But, how can I be nice to a boy who's friend with a Bloodtraitor? A Weasley!" He scoffed.

Weasley, huh? I've gotten in trouble because a Weasley before. Percy, I believe. Oh, how I loathe that git! I'm also in the same year as the Weasley twins, though I spend no time with them. I never talked to anyone really. "A Weasley? Well, while we're-er-/I'm/ doing my business, might as well get some revenge on Percy while I'm at it!" I smiled evilly. Draco laughed, "That boy you were ranting about for 3 hours straight to me last year while you were babysitting me? Can I get in on it?" Draco asked. "No. It'll be more meaningful if I do it myself." I grinned. There was laughter and no one said anything afterwords so I decided to go change into my robes.

I was walking on my way back to my compartment when I bumped into two gingers who were running. I fell on the ground and I instantly said, "Watch where you're running you two gits! Goodness!" I tried getting up but the two gingers came up to me and both held out their hands. I scoffed, "No thanks." And got up by myself.

"Sorry, mate." One of them said. Wait! They were twin gingers! The Weasley's!
"Didn't see you there." The other one finished.
Okay, Dakota, calm down slowly! You have to be nice to all Weasley's for Harry to trust you. Calm.
"Obviously." I sighed.
"So where are you off to, beautiful?" The one on the right said.
"My compartment. And I do believe I have a name and it's not 'beautiful'." I laughed.
"May I ask what that name is?" The one on the left asked.
"It's Dakota." Don't say Lestrange!!!
"No last name?" The both asked.
"Uhm- Yes, it is... Lest-ure. Lesture! Dakota Lesture." I almost said Lestrange! I'm such a git!
"Well Ms. Lesture, I'm Fred." Said the left one.
"I'm George." Said the right one.
"Weasley." They said proudly together.
Psh! What's to be proud of when you're a bloodtraitor?
"Well, hi." I said about to turn around and head to my compartment.
"Wait!" They called.
I closed my eyes and sighed. So close! I turned, "Yes...?"
"Would you like us to walk you to your compartment?" George asked.
"I think I'll be safe," I said and I saw their smiles drop, then went into a whisper, "But if you-know-who somehow rises and comes after me I think I'll need back-up." I smiled at their reaction. Why am I cursed with being nice to so many people?
"We could be the back-up!" They said excitedly in unison. I just laughed and they tagged along with me. They started talking about pranks and then I heard Malfoy's name.
I turned to them, "How do you know Draco? He's a first year!"
"Our brother Ron told us about him while we were changing in our robes. He's, I guess, a bully you could put it?" George explained.
Draco wouldn't hurt a fly, although he could sound mean (if I was younger) when he wants to.
"Oh," I said and walked on.
Then I felt an arm on my shoulder. Okay, two! One from both boys yanking me back. "What?" I turned facing them. They were closer then I thought and I had to literally look up at them.
"How do you know Malfoy?" They asked me accusingly at the same time.
"Okay, you guys have to stop that twin thing. It's weird." But also cute... NO! It's annoying! Shut up brain. I backed up so I could see them better.
"No. Answer our question." They both said doing the twin thing and crossing their arms at the same exact moment.
"He's my cousin." I said not even controlling my mouth. That means with my mishap about Lesture being my last name sounding like Lestrange and Malfoy being my cousin! Oh, crap! One more slip like that and they'll find out who I really am.
They both just stood there shocked and I turned and ran down the hall bumping into a few first year girls and running in my compartment slamming the door shut.
i'm such a GIT!

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