Romione relationship facts. Some new, never before seen ones.

Some you might have already figured, and yes they are TRUE and REAL!

Chapter 1

Things make me smile.

1. Ron was the only boy that Hermione cried over.
2. Hermione found Ron's copy of "12 fail-safe ways to charm witches" and wrote little side ntes for him to read.
3. Ron was struggling with Fred's death (RIP) she was the only one that could get him to talk.
4. Ron knew it was S.P.E.W, but called it spew just so he could have Hermione talk to him.
5. When the Tri-wizard Tournement returned to Hogwarts in Hugo's seventh year, Ron asked Hermione to the Yule Ball.
6. When Harry and Ron went to meet Malfoy for the midnight duel, Hermione stopped them because she didn't want Ron to be expelled.
7. Ron knew how to play the piano, but messed up anyway so Hermione would teach him.
8. Whenever Ron stood up for Hermione she would write it in a diary, which she showed him later on.
9. Sometimes Hermione would wear the perfume just to see if Ron would notice.
10. Ron found the scarf that Hermione had left for him. Even though it was later taken buy snachers.
11. Fred was the only sibling Ron confessed to about liking Hermione. He was also the only Weasley not to see them together.
12. Ron's boggart changed from a spider, to seeing Hermione in pain.
13. On Hermione's engagment ring, Ron had "Swish and flick" engraved.
14. Ron never left Hermione's side at Shell Cottage.
15. When Ron and Hermione went to Australia to revive her parents' memories, she got so emotional that she couldn't do the spell. Ron did it for her.
16. After Crookshanks died, Ron bought her a new cat (Also Ginger) and named it Otter, after her patronas.
17. Viktor Krum asked Hermione to the Yule ball three times before she said yes because she was stalling in the hope for Ron to ask her.
18. Ron checks his nose for dirt every morning. It became a habbit.
19. When Hermione was being tourtured by Bellatrix, Ron's voice was the only thing keeping her consious.
20. Ron always keeps the deluminater in his pocket, just in case. He knows Hermione will always be able to call upon him.

I really enjoyed these. Hope you did too.

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