Minerva McGonagall :)

Minerva McGonagall :)

Found this on Tumblr, I didn't write this.


(P.S I'm going on vacation for 2 weeks. I won't be on much, so please don't spam me TOO much :D)

Chapter 1

McGonagall FTW :)

"My heart has stopped because Professor McGonagall is my favourite Hogwarts teacher and she has devoted her life to Hogwarts to Gryffindor House and to Dumbledore, and she’s practically lost it all and she is tired because yes she is getting old but she can’t give up just yet because she’s the only person left who can really do what is right and necessary to make sure that the students and the school stay safe and she is just a wonderful powerful witch and now her heart is breaking because there’s barely any hope left but she’ll keep on fighting until the day she dies because she is a Gryffindor, and she is portrayed by this wonderful actress who we unfortunately don’t see often enough in the movies but when we do we all know that Dame Maggie Smith is giving it her all because it’s like she knows that’s the type of person McGonagall is and she’s just a really talented actress and it’s very clear in her portrayal I mean look you can see the emotions that McGonagall is feeling look at her eyes and her mouth and she is just amazing. This movie will be the end of me. Professor McGonagall will forever be my favourite hogwarts professor."

I'm gonna cry, this is perfect.


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