A werewolf and vampire love story part 1

This part is going to be based on the girl she would be a vampire named Crystal I hope you like it I not the best writer in the world at least thts wht I think my friends opinion tells me different I hope you like :)

Chapter 1

A different lifestyle

I get it I'm really 18 it's just my look but I want to have fun like I was it's the 21st centery like seriously crystal yelled relax I can hear you in china Victoria said annoyed well sorry I'm not the teen slut that's over 100, 200, 300 Crystal muttered shut up screamed Victoria whatever I'm leaving now said crystal have a horrible time Victoria mumbled, Crystal slid on her boots and went out and went to a café were for her luck was full of wolves ya know the myth werewolves the smell of dog is a bit distracting so she got a to go cup and left outside she sat at the park were she goes every day to watch one boy he's 18 but he's a wolf but for her time her sister was there Victoria sat beside he's cute she said scaring Crystal don't do that I migh die even more said Crystal well let me show you how it works Victoria said and walked over to him Crystal couldn't hear she refused to all she knows is that Victoria pointed at her on the bench when Victoria came back she smiled her guess what smile Crystal looked annoyed back at her Victoria then said guess who Gita a date. You said Crystal in a upset tone Victoria laughed no u do I'm a matchmaker it's a 9pm tonight he will pick you up you guys will just go to dinner Victoria said with a smile no Crystsl said no what Victoria gasped I'm not going on a date Crystal said worried sure you are let's go shopping your cloths whore Victoria said excited.......clifhanger plz tell me how I'm doing I bet it sucks leave a comment if you want the 2nd part I need to know how I'm doing


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